(DOWNLOAD) YouTube Video Thumbnail Design – Canva Tutorial for Beginner – Free & Easy (2023)

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Designing YouTube Thumbnails in Canva is fantastic! The software is great, and it’s free!
This is a course on Designing Clickable YouTube Thumbnails on Canva. Here, you’ll be able to not only design custom thumbnails online, but you’ll also know what thumbnail styles to target for your videos.

My name is Cal Hyslop, and I’ll be your guide. I’m a YouTuber, content creator, and create my own YouTube thumbnails on Canva. And I’m excited to show you the tips and tricks I use so you can produce better designs.
We’ll cover:

CTR is a Matter of Teamwork
11 Essentials to Effective Thumbnails
Canva Quick Run-Through
Six Common Thumbnails Styles Used on YouTube
Free Bonus App to Enhance Your Photos

So, if you’re looking for a free but effective option for YouTube thumbnail design, then this course is for you.
Make sure you don’t skip the first few videos because they include information essential to understanding how thumbnails work on YouTube.
See you for our first lesson coming right up!
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