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About the course:
The Influencer Bootcamp – Discover what getting paid for your passion is really like – and how to do it, step-by-step – inside this A-Z program.
Inside The Influencer Bootcamp, you’ll get

Simple but powerful strategies for pitching and negotiating brand collaborations
The most up-to-date information on using Instagram’s built-in monetization tools for creators
Tips for getting paid to create content
Clear steps for using affiliate marketing to monetize

Of course, it isn’t just the money piece of the laptop lifestyle you’re craving. It’s the luxurious freedom of doing what you love — whenever and wherever you want.
You’ll learn how to replace your 9-5 with a full-time (or part time) career as a professional Content Creator.
You’ll be trained in how to streamline your content creation process in a way that feels easy, so you have more time for wine nights, dog cuddles, and Sunday brunches with the girls.
You’ll also be shown the how-to’s for building an engaged and loyal community of followers who value you and your voice.
What You Get:
Module 1: Getting Started with Your IG Success
In module 1, you will set the stage for growing your online community and creating a sustainable and freedom-filled business.
Module 2: Finding Your Brand Clarity
How do you stand out as an influencer in a multi-billion dollar industry? The answer: you create a memorable brand. Having a brand that people don’t forget about might just be the biggest thing stopping you from growth and success right now.
Module 3: Create High-Quality Content
Your content is the most important component to your success as an influencer. It’s how your target audience will find you and how you’ll earn actual money for your creative side — and before you ask, no, you do not need some fancy camera to get started.
Module 4: Planning and Batching Content
How do influencers have the inspiration and the time to release new content every single day? The secret ingredient for consistency is having a system that lets you stay in creative mode when it’s time to create — and seamlessly switch into posting mode later. This system is called “batching,” and it’s what many successful content creators do behind the scenes to stay on top of their workload.
Module 5: Grow an Engaged Audience
While content is queen, we both know it’s not the only way to grow on The ‘Gram. The strategies and tactics inside Module 5 will add fuel to the fire you’ve already started with your high-quality content, giving you specific and proven methods for increasing your follower count (and not with weird Russian bots either but with real community members!)
Module 6: Monetization & Working with Brands (aka the part where you make money)
This is where all of your hard work *literally* pays off. Wondering how to find brands to collaborate with, what to say to get picked as their latest influencer partner, and how much you can earn? This is the Grand Finale, the Big Kahuna, and the Module you’ve been waiting breathlessly for.
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