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About the course:
Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Required Materials

Lecture 2 Setup

Lecture 3 Course Overview

Lecture 4 How to Succeed in this Course

Section 2: Finviz – Build a Technical Stock Screener with Python

Lecture 5 What is Finviz

Lecture 6 How to install Finviz from PyPi

Lecture 7 Finviz Usage

Lecture 8 Make a Technical Stock Screener with Finviz

Lecture 9 Make a Technical Stock Screener with Python

Section 3: Yahoo Finance – Getting Data to use in the Algo

Lecture 10 Yahoo Finance Overview

Lecture 11 Getting Data with Yahoo Finance

Lecture 12 Yahoo Finance Time Frames

Lecture 13 Yahoo Finance Time Periods

Section 4: Pandas-TA – Getting Technical Analysis Indicators to create buy and sell signals

Lecture 14 What is Pandas-TA

Lecture 15 Installing Pandas-TA

Lecture 16 MACD Indicator

Lecture 17 VWAP Indicator

Lecture 18 RSI Indicator

Section 5: Alpaca-py – Our beloved Retail Algo Investor Broker

Lecture 19 What is Alpaca-py

Lecture 20 Installing Alpaca-py

Lecture 21 Paper vs Live Keys

Lecture 22 Market Order Buy/ Sell

Lecture 23 Limit Order Buy/ Sell

Lecture 24 Get Account Balance with Alpaca-py

Lecture 25 Cancelling Orders with Alpaca-py

Lecture 26 Day Trading Protection with Alpaca.Markets

Section 6: Heroku Scheduler – How to run Jobs with Python Scripts in the Cloud

Lecture 27 What is Heroku Scheduler

Lecture 28 How to add Heroku Scheduler to Heroku

Lecture 29 Scheduling Jobs with Heroku Scheduler

Lecture 30 Explaining the Heroku Logs Panel

Section 7: Build a Stock Trading Algo from Scratch

Lecture 31 Introduction to this section

Lecture 32 Getting Data from Finviz

Lecture 33 Getting Data from Yahoo Finance

Lecture 34 Make Technical Indicators with Pandas-TA

Lecture 35 Decide Buying Factors with TA Indicators

Lecture 36 Buy Stock with Alpaca-py

Lecture 37 Checking Function Build

Lecture 38 Requirements.txt Creation

Lecture 39 Script

Lecture 40 Heroku Environment Variables

Lecture 41 Deploy to Heroku with CLI

Lecture 42 Making Heroku Scheduler Jobs

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 43 Paper vs Live Trading Accounts

Lecture 44 Thanks and Bye!

Lecture 45 Youtube Link

Lecture 46 Where to Go From Here

Section 9: Bonus Content

Lecture 47 Close Postion with Alpaca

Lecture 48 Bear Market Bot

Lecture 49 Bitcoin Short Bot

Lecture 50 Top Losers Bot

Lecture 51 Tax Documents with Alpaca

Section 10: End of Course Goodies

Lecture 52 End of Course Goodies

Beginner Financial Programmers looking to build their first Algo.

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