Vicebreakers The Complete Program For Kicking Your Bad Habits and Addictions (2022)

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The Complete Program For Kicking Your Bad Habits and Addictions
(Even if you’ve already failed or relapsed almost 1000 times!)
A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls — Proverbs 25:28
Are you sick of being broke, low energy, and burdened by life? Do you feel like you’re continually pushing a boulder up a hill?
Then here’s a painful truth:
Your results in life boil down to your habits.
Whether you’re:

Lethargic or full of energy
In debt or financially free
Miserable or happy
Lonely or popular
Fat or fit

All comes down to the actions you do (or don’t do) every day.
You see, we all have 1 or 2 bad habits that drag us down.
Habits like:

Drinking alcohol
Eating fast food
Smoking weed
Smoking cigarettes
Video Games
Watching porn
Spending hours on social media
Mainstream news addiction

Bad habits like these do not serve our higher goals.
Deep down you know that:

They ruin the quality (and quantity) of your relationships…
They compromise your health…
They set you back spiritually…
And they waste time and energy that you could use for countless other productive means.

So why do we get stuck doing them?
Better yet, can we change?…
Introducing Vicebreakers: The Complete Program For Kicking Your Bad Habits and Addictions
Do you:

Use your bad habits to fill a void?
Turn a blind eye to the consequences and risks involved with using?
Sneak and lie to hide your vices?
Choose your bad habits over your responsibilities?
Secretly long for a healthier and more fulfilling life?

Then you’re in the right place.
Vice Breakers is the most effective way to turn your life around by overcoming your bad habits and creating new, more healthy habits in their place…
My latest online course is the perfect synthesis of science and street smarts designed for one purpose and one purpose only:
Help you break free from your vices so you can reach your highest potential and build the life you truly want to live.
Inside this highly detailed, instructional, and action-oriented course, you’ll discover science-backed information to help you break your bad habits by developing the 3 selves:
Self-awareness, Self-control, Self-respect
In Vice Breakers you’ll finally learn:

The #1 requirement to quit any bad habit (Without this, the task is hopeless)
How to push through any withdrawals and get back on your feet as fast as possible (Most people never get past the withdrawal stage because the pains push them right back to their preferred choice of comfort)
How to shift your perception to make your vices seem repulsive (And never crave them again…seriously, this trick is magic)
How to identify the emotional and environmental triggers that make you want to indulge in your vice (When you become aware of them, you can build systems and guardrails around them to make using close to impossible)
How your brain’s reward system works and the evolutionary reasons why you can’t overpower your addiction (You’re not weak. You’re just working against millions of years of genetic hardwiring)
How to systematically build good habits in lieu of your bad habits to ensure that your goals quickly become reality (Your brain demands certain feel-good neurochemicals. You’ll learn how to get them naturally without indulging in your vices)
How to have fun and make friends without the aid of your vice (Your environment is usually stronger, but this is your secret weapon)

And many other valuable pieces of formation and insights that will allow you to finally kick your bad habits and build some good ones instead.
The real reason you couldn’t kick your bad habits before had nothing to do with genetics, a lack of willpower, or your childhood.
You just didn’t have an effective process. But now with Vice Breakers, you finally have reliable, clear, and most importantly, simple way to make progress.
My system is based on science and experience.
It relies on actionable strategies I and others have used to eliminate our worst habits.
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