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CHATGPT MASTERY: Learn Prompt Engineering
My name is Drake Surach also known as AI Foundations on YouTube. I’ve been studying the ins and outs of ChatGPT since its release. After 100’s of hours making content and studying ChatGPT I am finally equipped to help you learn in-depth.
In this course, you’ll gain access to 25+ ChatGPT modules, updated content when ChatGPT updates, Notion workspaces for your success and organization, and lifetime access to a private group of ChatGPT enthusiasts.
LEARN CHATGPT: 25+ Course Modules
Get access to 25+ ChatGPT course modules. These modules are designed to help you go from creating an account to solving complex problems with ChatGPT. These course modules will update as ChatGPT updates!
SUPPORT: Private Group Access
Once purchased you acquire the keys to a private group of actively learning ChatGPT enthusiasts, like yourself. This group is native to the website, and you have the ability to talk freely about ChatGPT amongst myself and other students!
TOOLS: ChatGPT Notion Template
Obtain entry to a Notion template I personally customized for ChatGPT organization and workflow! This template helps organize your prompts and notes in folders and keeps everything ChatGPT related in one place.
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