[Download] Duke Roufus – Going Into The Matrix Defending The Jab (2023)

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Explore the Micro Details of How To Defend and Counter The Jab in a Variety of Scenarios With Legendary Kickboxing Champion and World Renowned Coach Duke Roufus

Legendary kickboxer Duke Roufus has been competing and passing on knowledge for decades as a former kickboxing champion and now as one of the most sought after striking coaches in the world
After collecting multiple prestigious titles in the sport of kickboxing Roufus has continued his legacy as a coach, producing multiple high level athletes such as former UFC Champions, Anthony Pettis, and Tyron Woodely
Go in-depth with the jab and master multiple scenarios where this important strike takes center stage
Counter the jab with return kicks, knees, and devastating elbows that can completely turn the tide of a fight

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