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Landscape Photography Toolbox – From packing your gear to creating epic final images, I’ve included everything you need to get started today!
Game-Changing Workflow Photoshop Actions
More customizable than presets, my Game-Changing Workflow Photoshop Actions will help you make changes to your images in seconds. Corrections, creative choices, and tweaks in just one click.
Landscape Brush Presets for Adobe Camera Raw
16 of the most common corrections all landscape photographers make are now possible in just a few clicks using these powerful Adobe Camera Raw brush presets.
Landscape Photography Gear Guide
Planning isn’t sexy, but it is a really important part of making sure you can get the shot you want when it happens. My gear guide is all about sharing my years of in the field experience with you so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!
Landscape Lightroom Brush Presets
Whether you are trying to improve a sky, recover details in the shadows, increase impact in your foreground, and many other common problem-solving workflows, my Lightroom Brush Presets will take all the pressure off!
Practice RAW Files
Get a collection of my RAW files to get familiar with all the tools included in my toolbox!
Landscape Photography Gear Masterclass
In this BONUS course, Will explains why and why not he uses certain gear, showcasing examples images and valuable considerations for you to take on board.
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