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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is it drop-shipping

A: No.
Q: Is it about selling digital items?

A: Yes
Q: How much money can I make a day?

A: I think somewhere around $20 – $50 per day is realistic.
Q: Is this method good for beginner?

A: Yes, I think this is a perfect method for beginners to make money for future business ventures.
Q: Can this method be scaled?

A: Yes it can.
Q: If it can be scaled, then why are you selling this?

A: The scalability of this method is complicated and time consuming, the details are shared inside the guide.
Q: How much time will I have to work to make money?

A: It’s not hard work, but it will require your constant attention every day. This is not a passive income.
Q: Can it be automated?

A: Everything can be automated, but you would probably need to hire VAs
Q: Is this some brand new never heard of before method?

A: The method is quite old, but has a new twist to it. I also couldn’t find anything about it on BHW. It’s a great start for beginners.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: PayPal, Bitcoin and ETH
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