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About the course:
Zen8 Forex Hedging Course
This course is packed with information from 10+ years of research, development and live Zen8 trading.
Each module has video lessons that will allow you to see the concepts in action.

For all skill levels from beginner to professional
Watch 40+ tutorial videos showing all of the concepts in action, and see specific examples
Access 8 modules covering all aspects of Zen8 hedging
Get access to my private messaging group so you can ask questions and benefit from group discussion

Program Modules
Module 1: The Basics of Hedging
What You’ll Get…

Learn the benefits of hedging
Understand why famous hedgers failed and how you can avoid the same fate
Find out the 3 ways to hedge in a Forex account, if you live in the US
Download my list of the best hedging tools available right now
See the best markets to trade and why
Learn how to use order types in hedging (plus 1 trick that you may not have seen before)
Understand the types of brokers and the benefits/downsides of each
Never be caught off guard again when it comes to news annoucements

Module 2: Trade Entry Strategies
What You’ll Get…

Learn my super simple Ideal Entry technique
Find out how to use Trade Blocks to minimize risk and maximize profit
Finally figure out when to hedge and when to wait
Understand when you should do a full hedge or a partial hedge

Module 3: Hedging Exit Strategies
What You’ll Get…

Master the ideal place to exit a hedge
Find out what to do when a trade doesn’t work out as you expected
I share with you my 8 proven methods for exiting hedging trades
Discover why Roll-Offs are so powerful and why you absolutely must use them in hedging

Module 4: Hedging Psychology
What You’ll Get…

Find out how to finally break through your roadblocks to success
Learn why there might not be anything wrong with your trading mindset, it could be your strategy
Hear about my experience with diving deep into my own mind and what I learned
Finally understand 2 sources of negative behaviors that I’ve never heard anyone in trading talk about

Module 5: How to Train Like a Pro
What You’ll Get…

Find out about the best tools to train while you’re not trading
Discover the FREE trading journal that works great for hedging
Access the private trading group on a secret messaging app (no, it’s not WhatsApp)

Module 6: The Concepts in Action
What You’ll Get…

See demonstrations on how you can make your first 20% in hedging
Do you think it’s possible to get out of a 1,000 pip loss with hedging? I’ll show you how.
Download the “cheatsheet” that tells you how to exit losing trades
Watch examples of real trades

Module 7: Flex Your Skills
What You’ll Get…

Join the challenge to see if you can double your account
Learn of 2 ways that you can leverage your hedging skills to make more money

Bonus Lessons
What You’ll Get…

The method that gives you the closest thing to passive income that you’ll get in Forex
Learn how the sequence of your buy and sells can affect how profitable you are
Discover how to make money going against your open trade
Get an EA that will help you find opportunities in the Forex markets

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