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Customer’s Journey Mapping Crash Course – Gain a tool for your customers have a delightful interaction with your brand, and in time become loyal customers
What you’ll learn

Learners will gain an insight into how the Customer Journey Map marketing tool works and how to apply it to their business, startup or organisation
Learners will receive an overall understanding in how Design Thinking can be applied to the Customer’s Journey Map and marketing in general
Learners will be able to receive and download practical exercises and worksheets to help them with their first steps
Learners will understand how to apply the Customer’s Journey Map to their outreach and communication, and better promote their products or services


No previous background knowledge is necessary, as this is a crash course we will provide you all the basics

A customer journey map is a picture of the customer or user journey. It helps you tell the story of your customers’ experiences with your brand across social media, marketing tools and any other channels they might use.
This course is intended for beginners in the field of marketing, meaning for those who are about to begin to implement their marketing strategies and plans, and those who just begun and are looking for improvements to be implemented.
In this course we are going to explore the principles and approach of the Customer’s Journey Mapping to be applied to your existing marketing, PR and communication efforts, namely we are going to explore:

Gain an overview of what is the Customer’s Journey Map and how it can be applied
Understand the roots of the Customer’s Journey Map by exploring Design Thinking and how it applies to marketing
Discover targeting by developing your own marketing Persona/ae
Familiarise with concepts and terms such as funnels, touchpoints, points of delight and painpoints and to apply them to your own Customer Journey Map
To explore in detail each phase of the Customer Journey Map with practical tips and advice

Moreover, each episode will provide you with summary handouts about each lesson, as well as three worksheets for you to use and adopt in your practice.
Our wish is that this course proves useful to you, and improves your marketing, outreach, communication and pr endeavours in your field.
Who this course is for:

This course was designed especially for people who are just starting their business or who just started running their enterprise and are making their first steps into marketing strategies and tools to improve their outchreach. The Course will include a walk-through the Customer Journey Mapping steps, with some insights and practical tools and handouts concerning targeting and design thinking.

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