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You must know that the majority of men devote their entire attention, time, and money to women.
Men love women idealistically and unconditionally. Men are even ready to die in order to protect their women, but they still experience horrible outcomes like disrespect, mockery, divorce, rejection, cheating, false domestic violence accusations, false rape accusations, and much more.
Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Will Smith, Hrithik Roshan, and Johnny Deep are some examples of popular and successful men who still have to face divorces, infidelity, and false domestic violence accusations.
Have any idea why?
because they were Completly Unaware of the dark and raw aspects of basic female nature.
No matter how rich, smart, or successful you are, if you don’t understand the basic nature of women, you are going to suffer miserably from women.
Yes! You can be a fantastic businessman, programmer, mathematician, financial analyst, trader, dancer, or anything else, but your expertise in your profession is not going to help you succeed with women. The game of love is a completely different regime here; you can’t win without leaning on women’s secrets.
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