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The Official Sleeper Money Cheat Sheet: 50 Plus Programs That Pay Up to 8k in Affiliate Commissions! So that you will know exactly where to find those awesome programs!

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The Official SM Mindmap and Outline of video training so that you can follow along at your own pace and have a great reference for success.


There are 5 Pillars of affiliate advantage that are discussed in much more detail inside Sleeper Money. But briefly, let’s go over them so you understand the power of a simple yet streamlined system…
You already know the first one.

PILLAR 1 – If you can reduce your competition on an affiliate promotion you will make more sales. This is something that is taken care of FOR YOU inside Sleeper Money. You will know exactly where to find over 50 little known affiliate programs spanning 5 niches.

PILLAR 2 – Have a great sales angle. Many times at least one or two fantastic sales angels already exist on the sales page of the product you are promoting. We’ll talk about even more inside Sleeper Money!

PILLAR 3 – Have a reason you are promoting. Every time I have a reason that I am promoting something I make more affiliate sales. I give some examples inside Sleeper Money but know that just by simply having a reason you are promoting will generate more sales.

PILLAR 4 – Build Scarcity into the affiliate promotion. The fear of something being taken away is far greater than the want for gain. If there is going to be something taken away at the end of the promotion I will sell more. I give some examples on exactly how to do this as an affiliate inside Sleeper Money.

PILLAR 5 – More Exposure. The more times a group of people are exposed to an offer the more sales I will make. I talk specifically about how to do this in a cool way that will produce maximum results inside Sleeper Money.

If you combine all these pillars of advantage together on all of your affiliate promotions you will get way more affiliate sales. 
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