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What If You Had A Proven System To Get Better Clients, At Higher Rates, And A Steady Flow of Leads Coming To YOU Instead Of The Other Way Around?It’s Time To Uncover Your True Specialty and Become A Sought-After Expert In Your Industry

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Freelancers Are Flooded With Leads, Get Paid Higher Rates, and Earn MORE While Working Less Hours…

… While Others Struggle With Low Pay, Lousy Clients, and

Constant Imposter Syndrome?
Today many businesses are shifting online and employing remote freelancers. This means that there’s more opportunities for freelance copywriters than before.
If you pay attention at the freelancers that are prospering have something in common : a niche that’s built on their own Copywriting DNA. This creates them as an expert in their field.
Never has there been a more crucial moment to be recognized as an expert in our field than now.
However, many freelancers are afraid of being specialized because they are afraid that it might limit their options…
After more than a decade of educating contractors, I’m able inform you that the opposite is also true.
If people request for me to suggest a writer for them, which is nearly every day, I’ve never mentioned…
“Kev Do you know who you would suggest to write me some simple copy? It’s simply something to fill in the blank spaces on a website. One step up from lorem-ipsum is all I require. Have you ever seen anyone who is such a thing?”
Why is that? Because they don’t require me to suggest this person, there are job websites that are packed with job seekers who will offer to do the work for five bucks.
What they do require is the services of a copywriter “who specialises in certain areas such as…
Facebook advertising copy… Email sales sequences… telling stories… Webinar programs… scripts for cold funnels of traffic… YouTube scripts… dialog driven content… writing for humor …”
When it happens, instantly browse through my Rolodex in my mind and think of three or two names immediately.
Connections like these are more likely to result in paid gigs due to…
… If the client is in search of an expert, that means they are aware of what they require, why they’re in need of it, and how much that ability will bring to their company.
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