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About the course:
Day Trading Institution 2.0 – We Help You Become A Profitable Trader In Record Time.
Day Trading Institution doesn’t just help you with your trading, we help you become a funded & profitable trader.
Revamped Online Course
The first part to your journey is our online course, which is over a 100+ hours of content that covers all the basic to advanced resources you need to fully understand trading.
On-Going Education
The content is a big first step, but you’ll notice after a while you’ll hit a ceiling. That’s where our on-going education kicks in. Every week we’ll be holding 3-4 webinars with Raul.
Private Community
A community of expert & beginner traders that can help one another and get help from Raul or the team.
RAUL’S RESULTS: We Lead By Example.
Here are the results of one of Raul’s funded trading accounts…
Live FTMO Funded Account Results
 6-figures in profit in 30 days
CASE STUDY #1: From 9-5 To Full Time Trader – Claudio P.
Claudio joined DTI in December 21′ the rest was history…
 Ranked top 3 of FTMO Leaderboard
 Turned full-time consistent day trader in less than a year.
 Scaled his trading to make $42k in a day.
CASE STUDY #2: Engineer To Full Time Trader – Mitchell S.
Another insane story, Mitchell joined DTI
 Quit his full-time job as an engineer
 Ranked on the leaderboard for FTMO multiple times
 Now is a full-time consistent & profitable trader
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