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About the course:
Here’s the framework:
(1) Research: Identify content opportunities through quick research

(2) Create: Create MVCs (Minimum Viable Content) to test the viability

(3) Test: Measure results over a 30-day period

(4) Decision: Iterate on your content based on its performance

(5) Scale: Scale it when something works, using structured data, automation, outsourcing, and UGC
And do this across many ‘experiments’, simultaneously & in parallel.
Why does this work?
By using this framework, we make many small bets with an iterative approach.
Instead of spending weeks on one piece of content that may never pan out, we run dozens of experiments at once.
Through these experiments, we eventually landed on multiple big content opportunities.
And when we got serious about this framework, we 4x’d our search traffic in 6 months.
About the course
I walk through the entire framework in about 3 hours of screencasts + 100 slides. I also show a multitude of examples from Starter Story and other sites. And how you can do this, too.
You can take this at your own pace, and you’ll have access to it forever. If you want to implement Lean SEO and have some questions, you can email me at anytime.
Thank you for checking it out!
Requirements for the course
I recommend that you have time, patience, and a long-term mindset. These experiments take time. I recommend you already have a business you’d like to grow with SEO, but if you’re planning on starting something, that works too!
What You Get:
Intro To Lean SEO
Introduction to the course and the framework that changed our SEO. It’s Time to Leave the Stone Age.
Why does this framework work? Because it’s a way of thinking. It’s designed to work for any team, any size.
The Framework
The framework’s 5 steps: Research, Create, Test, PPS, and Scale.
Find A Content Type
Don’t look for keywords, look for content types. Learn how others do it, and how you can do it and use it on your own website.
Create MVC
Learn how to create content fast. A strategy to develop and publish content in 2 hours.
The 30 Day Experiment. Learn how to design and track experiments.
PPS: Pivot, Persevere, or Scale.
Measuring Success
How to define success? Why are some performing better than others?
When to persevere vs. letting go? Bonus: 12 ways to improve content quality.
Your goal is not 10 blog posts; it’s 1,000. (over time). Plus: 5 ways we scale content.
Wrap Up
How you can get started today.
Bonus: Step By Step Examples
Creating an MVC in 24 minutes
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