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Done In 3 Easy Steps, In Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day

Step 1: Set-Up
Step 2: Grow & Sell
Step 3: Profit

Dear entrepreneurs,
Have you heard of the torrent of new profits that are flowing into this popular niche via this overlooked micro niche (which means you can be one of the first to profit!)
If you’ve never had microgreens in your balanced diet, you’re in for a treat!
According to a study made by the University of Montreal in 2012 and a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2018, mircrogreens have been tested to have 4 to 40 times more nutrients by weight compared to fully grown vegetables.
So before showing you how to grow microgreens and profit from them, let me explain what microgreens are and how they can benefit your own health!

Inside you will…

Discover How To Set-Up For Dirtcheap In Your Home
Discover Where To Buy Low-Cost Seeds In Your Local Area
Discover The Top 10 Mistake To Avoid When Growing Microgreens
Discover How To Plant Seeds
Discover How To Water Your Microgreens
Discover How To Avoid and Remedy Mould On Microgreens
BONUS: 1 Hour Workshop On Growing Microgreens

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