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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Madcam Marketing 2.0

Introducing Madcam Marketing 2.0 – Growing Your Audience & Building Your Brand

The 30,000 Foot View of Madcam Marketing 2.0 – Introducing the “ABC Content Funnel”

Choosing Your Profitable Niche

Why Choosing A Niche In Line With Your Passion or Interests Is Paramount

The 3 Evergreen Niches and Positioning Your Brand

75 Profitable Niche Ideas

Niche Selection Flowchart (Validating Your Idea)

Creating Your Brand

Developing Your Brand

Pinpointing Your USP

Understanding the ABC Content Strategy & Leveraging Growth

Using “A” Content to Drive Sales & Earn Affiliate Commissions

Leveraging “B” and “C” Content to Achieve Maximum Growth

How to Avoid Being A Bad Marketer and The Importance of “B” Content

The ABC Content Funnel

Leveraging Quora to Jumpstart Your Audience Growth

The Perfect Profile

Structuring Your Answers for Maximum Returns

Choosing The Best Questions and Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Growing Your Audience From Scratch w/ Facebook

Your Facebook Brand Page

Creating Your Facebook Group (Developing Your Community)

Growth-hacking Your Audience Organically (i.e. For Free)

Inviting New Members (Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Audience Faster)

The “Hidden” Benefit of Facebook Likes

Growing Faster on Facebook with Ads (*Optional)

Growing Your Audience From Scratch w/ YouTube

Why You Must Be On YouTube in 2018

The Truth About YouTube

YouTube Video Checklist – Setting Up Your Videos for Success

YouTube Keyword Research – Planning Your Strategic Attack for Faster Growth

Final Thoughts on Building Your Audience

Creating Your Brand’s Website & Capturing Email Leads

Creating An Affordable Professional Website Quickly & Easily

Collecting Emails with MailChimp (Free & Beginner Friendly)

The Best Way To Acquire Targeted Leads/Prospects From YouTube

**Bonus #1** Quick Start – Free Traffic & Fast Commissions

Little Known Source That Has Generated More Than 28,000 Free Leads & 10’s of Thousands in Affiliate Commissions

**Bonus #2** Building A Bridge Business (Quit Your Job In 30 Days by Starting an “Easy Agency”)

What’s A Bridge Business and Why Do You Need One

How To Find Your Perfect Clients by Searching Google

Leveraging Existing Traffic and Increasing Conversions For Free

Easily Upgrade Your Client’s Website in 10 Minutes or Less

The 7x to 11x Facebook Ad that Drives Business

How To Run High Converting Re-Targeting Ads for Your Clients

Building A List of Highly Targeted Prospects Starts With the Facebook Pixel

Building the Audience and Launching the Ad
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