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Could You Become a Modern Master? Learn the Spiritual Science of Ancient India

Best-selling author and spiritual teacher Deborah King spent years studying the ancient eastern practices of energy healing.
One of the tools she discovered, a tool unlocked 5.000 years ago, is called The Sutras. When initiating, sutras can invoke your Divinity from within and unlock your psychic gifts.

Here are 3 ways that becoming a Modern Master could help you advance on the path to higher spiritual consciousness and your best life:

1. Become a master of your mind. The spiritual science of ancient India offers the secrets of mantra meditation. The purpose of meditation is to still the mind; calm, cleanse, and refresh the body; and increase your connection to Spirit. If enough of us connect to Source and to each other, we will bring about a profound transformation of life on Earth.

2. Become a master of your unique gifts. Learn to look more clearly at your inner self, your experience, and your beliefs. Who are you and what is your connection to Source and to the world around you? What are you here to do and to give? Expanding your self-awareness with knowledge of the spiritual science of ancient India will give you greater resources for contributing to the healing of the world.

3. Become a master of your heart. Learn to step back from a fear-based outlook and embrace a massive shift in your energy that will affect every aspect of your life in a positive, heart-opening way. By focusing on the positive, healing qualities of love, compassion, and joy as directed by the spiritual science of ancient India, you will journey to a place of peace and calm where your dreams of good health, abundance, and fulfillment can be realized.

Apply the Vedic sutras to clear out energy blocks and past events. and connect with the high spiritual beings who are there to guide and protect you.
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