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Dear Friend,Hi, my name is Manuel Carter.
I’ve struggled with my poor handwriting for years, so know you are not alone.
I could not write well. I suffered with poor handwriting my whole life. I know the embarrassment and humiliation when people would tell me they couldn’t read what I had written. I am embarrassed to say, I know I have lost out on better employment opportunities because of my terrible handwriting skills…
Because I was too afraid to even try for higher paying jobs since I did not want anyone to know about my atrocious handwriting.
I turned down job advancement opportunities and going to job-related seminars… because this would require that I hand write forms to apply.
I was terrified to have anyone see my handwritten responses.
So with that said, if you have a similar problem and don’t like your own handwriting… then, I do know how you feel.
It’s a problem no one should have to suffer from.
I knew that my handwriting skills, (or should I say LACK of skills) were holding me back from the dream job I wanted.
When I failed to get promoted (for a new position I knew I should have got), I became very depressed and disheartened. My failure to be given this promotion made me wonder if my poor handwriting had something to do with it.
I knew I did not want to endure the humiliation being passed over again!
I had to find a fast, easy and low cost solution to improve my handwriting.
And it had to be something where I did not feel embarrassed doing either. (I didn’t want anyone to know of my handwriting problem, so I did not want to hire anyone to help me or go to a class where someone might see me.)
This left me with few options.
So I searched the Internet for a handwriting improvement course that didn’t cost an arm and a leg — or took a ton of time to do. I wanted something I could do in the privacy of my home. Sure there were lots of expensive self-improvement and job counseling courses on how to fill out applications — but that is not what I needed.
All I wanted was a simple handwriting course, like a mini-handwriting course.
I was on a budget and maybe you are too. The course had to be low cost and effective. And I didn’t have a lot of extra time to do it either, so it had to work right away.
Through considerable trial and error and using many programs that promised to fix my handwriting problem and did not deliver… I finally found one that did!
This helped me improve my handwriting skills
the first time I tried it.
Then as I continued following the simple steps my handwriting significantly improved so I was writing legibly and effortlessly — in only 1 week!
A couple of weeks went by… and I received another notice for another work-related seminar.
Finally (having practiced my handwriting over the last couple weeks), I felt confident enough to fill out the handwritten application and apply for the seminar.
The best thing is… I got a good comment from the boss when he found out I was going to attend!
My career was finally headed in the right direction!
Today, because of my success with improving my own handwriting, and I know you need handwriting help (since you are still reading this page)…I’d like to share my ‘how to master handwriting secrets‘ with you! You’ll find out…
 How To Improve Your Handwriting
Right At Home!
That’s right; you don’t need any expensive schools, tutors or teachers. What I have for you is a complete and simple to follow handwriting improvement mini-course. This handwriting course will help you start writing better, and more legibly in just minutes — without a lot of frustration or taking hours of practice.
And you can do it in the privacy of your own home.
I promise…
What I have to share with you will…
 Improve your handwriting in just minutes!
These simple and effortless genius of this new way of improving your handwriting is… so easy to do, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before!
The fact is, like most things in life, it’s easy to improve your handwriting once someone shows you how.
The simple handwriting methods are proven to work. They’ve worked for me and hundreds of other people (and even young children) who have tried it. Remember, these were people who hated their handwriting — and with the help of my handwriting mini-course, now they LOVE to write!
So what if you are not the person with the handwriting problem? Are you…
Looking for handwriting improvement
for your child?
Are you a worried parent who has received notes from your child’s teacher concerning your child’s poor handwriting?
If you have ever had to attend humiliating meetings about your child’s problems with their school work and handwriting skills then you know how frustrating this can be.
But it doesn’t have to be that way!
Many children have tried and improved their handwriting in just days with my mini-course.
Children are happy to use the low-stress, simple, and easy to follow handwriting improvement lessons. These lessons are fun for your child and you to do together. Your child can easily copy the handwritten letters in the full sized printable sheet, so practice is fun and they will be so happy to see their improved writing in their first try!
When your child uses the mini-course you will find your child’s handwriting improving in quickly and easily!
That would be a welcome relief and a load of worry off your back wouldn’t it?
Remember the lessons are really simple and easy to follow. I know a 5 year old child can follow the letter samples and write better. So I am sure your child is older that that aren’t they? So it will be no problem for them to use it too.
Then once their handwriting skills improve, they will be able to feel more confident and self assured in doing their homework and taking tests at school!
Improve your child’s handwriting in just days…
They’ll feel better and you can stop worrying too!Here are just some of the things you will discover in this unique handwriting course.

New ways to form your letters to make them more consistent.

How correcting your posture can help improve your handwriting.

4 Components of legibility and tips to improve it.

How to hold your pen correctly even if you are left handed!

Handwriting myths revealed — does the pen you use make a difference?

You’ll be amazed at how much your handwriting or your child’s improves after just the first try — once…
Find out what you are doing wrong…
Many of the people, who have used the mini-course, didn’t know what they were doing wrong. Once they knew and they corrected these minor problems, they told me, the simple things they had to change, they would never have even thought of doing!
And what is really unique about this new approach to improving your handwriting includes…
3 Simple Ways to write more legibly:

Easily find out how to get correct spacing between letters and numbers.

Simple steps to align letters with the correct slant.

How to make your letters more similar in size and shape.

It’s An Easy Step By Step Handwriting Course…
IT IS AMAZING! You can follow the easy-to-understand and use methods by just copying the letters and numbers. I promise you can improve your handwriting within minutes of reading the book and following the first lesson!

How to practice your handwriting correctly with the right aids.

Best tips for improving your handwriting significantly in just days!

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