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[Download] Jon Penberthy – Digital Course Academy (2021)

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Who is Jon Penberthy?
Jon is a British marketer. He claims to have made most of his money from affiliate marketing and other forms of lead generation, but it seems that the bulk of his cash comes in through the sale of his courses. At least that’s what it seems. He’s also a very good speaker and often draws in a decent crowd in his seminars.
Honestly, I do not know much about Jon beyond this. He tends to keep all of that on the ‘down-low’. He does have a YouTube channel, which has about 4,000 subscribers.

He has also attached his name to a variety of courses. At first glance, it would look as if this is a guy who has heard about selling internet marketing products and wants to make a quick buck.
However, as you start to dive into a few of the things that he has to offer, you will be surprised at what he brings to the table.

Net Worth
I do not know exactly how much money Jon has in the bank. What I can tell you is that his company has a net worth of about $160,000. This means that I wouldn’t exactly call John a millionaire (I doubt most people that claim they are in this game are), but what I can say is that he does have a sizeable amount of cash.
This has come from his various marketing ventures. I am not quite sure how he manages to have this much cash in the bank, but alas, he seems to. I can’t argue with actual company accounts, can I?

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