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[Download] Frank Kern – Book Funnel Blueprint (2021)

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Get Now Book Funnel Blueprint  By Frank Kern.

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An PROVEN Way To Generate A Hot List Of BUYERS While Building Authority, Credibility, And Goodwill!

…without actually writing a book or using a ghost writer!
One of the BIG QUESTIONS I always get is “What’s the best way to get new customers?”

The answer is …a BOOK FUNNEL. Seriously. I don’t care what you sell. I’ve seen this type of thing work for the weirdest of markets. Even …(dare I say) …LAWYERS!

But of course that leads to the next question which is …”Who has time to write a book???”

And the answer is NOBODY!

Certainly not me. And I’m betting you don’t want to write one either!

Well – check this out:

I’ve actually sold over 53,000 books and I haven’t written a word.

Nor have I hired a ghost writer. (Don’t worry – I’ll show you how I did it. It’s so simple. You’ll love it.)

Anyway, what’s really awesome is those book buyers RULE because they buy lots of stuff from me and they’re really happy and they make AMAZING long-term customers.

Which is why I believe EVERYONE needs a book funnel!
You’ll learn things like:

•    How to create a really good book …without writing a single word or hiring a ghost writer.

•    How to make a book funnel profitable …without using affiliates or begging people to promote it.

•    The “Pathway To Yes” method for upselling your book buyers in a friendly and helpful way…

•    What do do exactly one hour after someone buys your book (HINT: This is where the money is)

•    What your book buyers REALLY want to pay you for …

•    Exactly how to sell it to them …

•    And a whole bunch more…
P.S. Why would you even want a book funnel?

Well, it’s sure not about you sitting down and writing a book. Ugh. Sounds about as appealing as having to write a term paper or something.

On this training, I’ll show you how to knock out an awesome book …fast …without writing a single word or hiring a ghost writer.

But like I said – it’s not about the book itself (even though it’ll be awesome.)

It’s about what a Book Funnel can do for you.

It gets you CUSTOMERS, for starters. These guys are WAY more likely to buy more stuff from you than some “opt in” person you got.

Plus, it positions you as an authority. Plus it gives you CREDIBILITY. Plus a Book Funnel can turn a sweet profit right off the bat if you do it right!

I ‘ll walk you through mine so you can model it if you want.
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