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Ippei Kanehara – Lead Gen Builders (Job Killing) UP1 Download
I became a full-time internet Entrepreneur in 2014 through lead generation. (Still My #1 Recommendation) A form of digital marketing for local businesses.

I’ve also created 6-figure businesses with Amazon FBA, Shopify Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing. I’m passionate about exploring the best ways to make money online.

I’ve invested in numerous courses which I’ve done reviews of on this site.

In 2019, I spoke on stage in Las Vegas in front of thousands about how to create passive income by ranking page 1 in Google & generating free traffic.
How to Become a Laptop Landlord
This is my #1 pick for the best internet business opportunity of 2019. In my opinion, its the fastest way to earn a lasting 6 figure income online. (also a true passive income)

After I learned this lead gen biz model in 2014, I was able to quit my job 7 months later, and I never looked back. still building this biz today in 2019.

It has out performed all the other online businesses I’ve tried including: dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing.

In 2018, I moved from Michigan to live 5 min away from the mentor Dan

The ongoing mentorship I’ve received over the years is responsible for my deep transformation to become the person I am today. The one that’s worthy of a high 6 figure income.

I even spoke on stage this year (June 2019) for our annual Vegas event.

After all these years, I am reminded constantly of how fortunate I am to have found this vehicle of lead generation.

My lead gen sites have allowed me to pay off debt, go on more vacations, work from home, live in a nicer place, and most importantly give me financial confidence.

Check this out!

The very first lead gen site I made was a limo site in Lansing, MI.

I didn’t know what I was doing, I just followed the training.

Well I haven’t touched this site since 2014 and its been making me $750 per month since then. I probably spent 7 hours total on it.

Let’s do the math.

$750 per month * 12 = $9000 per year.

$9000 * 5 years = $45,000.

$45,000 / 7 hrs I spent on this site in 2014 = $6428.

Working on this lead gen property was a $6428 per hour activity.

These days, I have lead gen sites that make me a lot more than that as well.

What’s great is once these sites rank then they require very little to no maintenance. So you can just spend time on income increasing activities, like building more lead gen properties, instead of spending all your time with income maintaining activities, like you do with e-commerce.

Just like real estate, these virtual properties become long term passive income streams.

What would you do with your passive income?

This June 3rd 2019 I was able to travel to the other side of the globe and arrive in Japan to visit my family that I haven’t seen for 12 years.

Beyond grateful everyday to have the ability to go create more passive income.

Passive income is the game changer.

If you don’t have any in your life, I would do whatever it takes to create it as soon as humanly possible.
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