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Twitter Badassery – Get More Views, Followers, and Money From Twitter. 15 Modules to Take You From Zero to Hero on the World’s Fastest-Changing Platform.
Here are six reasons the Twitter Revolution is a breakthrough…
Reason #1 – Twitter is rapidly becoming the best place for creators to build an audience AND earn money
Reason #2 – Twitter has over 500 million users
Reason #3 – The CEO shift has everyone rethinking the platform
Reason #4 – The CEO is Elon Musk
Reason #5 – Twitter is the best “meeting place” for ambitious people.
Reason #6 – Twitter is going to pay creators directly.
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Getting Oriented

Lesson 0 – Using Twitter (for Beginners)(7:01)START
Lesson 1 – The Surprising Truth About Twitter (Part 1)
Lesson 2 – The Surprising Truth About Twitter (Part 2)
Lesson 3 – Is Twitter Blue Worth It?
Lesson 4 – The Five-Point Profile (Part 1)
Lesson 5 – The Five Point Profile (Part 2)

“Reading the Room” on Twitter Like a Pro

Lesson 6 – Learn to “Read the Room” Like a Pro
Lesson 7 – Secrets of the Twitter Algorithm
Lesson 8 – Accelerate Your Idea Creation With The Best Tools

Twitter Content Creation: Not Just Another Platform

Lesson 9 – Put on Your “Twitter Brain” and Prepare for the Platform
Lesson 10 – The Secrets to Single Tweets, Tweet Threads, and Rapid Twitter Growth
Lesson 11 – Infinity and Beyond – Using Analytics and Data to Show You What Works
Lesson 12 – The Future of Twitter – Long Form Writing

Twitter Content Distribution: Go Further, Faster

Lesson 13 – Push Your Tweet Further, Faster

How to Monetize On Twitter: Now, Later, and Every Day In Between

Lesson 14 – How to Use Twitter for Indirect Earnings – Your Newsletter, New Clients, or Potential Customers
Lesson 15 – Get Prepared to Make Money DIRECTLY from Twitter

Last Lesson Before You Go

Lesson 16 – Biggest Takeaways from Twitter Badassery…and a Special Offer

Bonus Lessons

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