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[Download] Think Like A Strategy Consultant (2021)

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About the course:

Think Like A Strategy Consultant Download
Five Fundamental Lessons
Consulting Mindset: How To Solve Problems, Communicate Solutions, And Fundamentally Improve Your Intellect.

MECE Mind: How To Deeply Understand Ideas & Problems In Order To Simplify & Sharpen Your Thinking

From Information To Insight: Use The Pyramid Principle To Synthesize & Structure, Allowing You To Improve How You Learn & Research

Real World Problem Solving: Using SCQA & Issue Tress In A Real-Life Facebook Strategy Case Study

Storytelling & Kick-Ass Presentations: Learn How To Create Compelling & Memorable Content That Will Blow Your Boss & Teammates Away
This course is recommended for:
Professionals working in the knowledge economy who solve problems on a daily basis

Freelancers who are looking to take their consulting, writing, and/or strategy skills to the next level

Students looking to better prepare for interviews at top firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group or Bain & Company
At the end of this course, you will be able to
Understand and communicate in the “language” of strategy consultants

Be able to quickly break down a complex problem into something that can be analyzed

Maintain a high level of mental acuity and flow state for longer

Write and create team/client facing presentations in a more compelling and persuasive way

Communicate in a simple and persuasive way that inspires action

Have increased confidence in your ability to lead and structure complex projects
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