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[Download] The Thriving Artist – Make Money and Impact The World With Your Art (2021)

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The Thriving Artist – Make Money and Impact The World With Your Art Download
Hey, welcome.
If you are a musician, a photographer, a jewelry maker, a content creator, a painter, an illustrator…

Basically, If you are an artist or creator of any kind, you are in the right place.
My name is Ylane Duparc and I am the founder of Bright Creators. The sole purpose of this entity is to empower artists around the world.
As artists and creators, there’s much misinformation. This is the result of technology expanding faster than the industry’s ability to catch up with it and know how to use it properly.
It creates this landscape where succeeding as an artist feels like it requires elite knowledge, sheer luck or superior networking.
Though, all those things can help and some artists succeed as a result of very unique circumstances, where does that leave those who are extremely talented with no path laid out for them to take?
That’s what I’ve contemplated for years. I’ve educated myself, I’ve tried several avenues and all roads led me to one:

true independent success as an artist or creator depends solely on acquiring fans and cutting out the middleman.
That led me to my next thought: how do you acquire fans regardless of time, place and circumstance?
In this era of social media, it can feel like followers, likes, looks and superficial concepts reign superior.
I realized something. I looked into the future.
What happens when this is all over? What happens when social media changes?

It happened to MySpace, it happened to Tumblr and with algorithm changes, it’s slowly happening to Instagram and Facebook.
So, there’s got to be away to stay ahead of the curve.
There is.
There’s a way to create your own artistic universe, fully live in it and acquire fans who support your concept. It’s all about defining who you are, who your fans are or will be and gathering their identities. A direct line between you and them. Keeping it alive and gaining not only emotional gratification but financial success.
No single artist is the same but with enough philosophical and business research, it’s evident that we all strive for the same thing:

a connection.
It’s time we build that connection and make it strong!
That’s exactly why I’ve written a brand new book called “The Thriving Artist”.
And I’d like you to read it.
This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever read because it’s more of a “How-To” book than just a traditional essay about what’s wrong with the industry.
I believe your time is precious and I don’t see the point of wasting it with long-winded nonsense.
There is no fluff or filler. The book is divided into chapters which are actual steps you should take to thrive as an artist.
It shows you exactly what to do and why.
Plus, it’s easy to read.
At just 100 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.
And you’ll get the entire methodology you need to apply to take control over your career, get rid of the middle man, acquire true fans and make a living off what you love to do.
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