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21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend
What to say and do to get a girlfriend in 21 unique places, environments and situations.

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The problem
If a man sees a woman he’d like to approach and meet in a shopping mall, at a party, or in a bookstore, he usually won’t be able to work up the confidence to approach and talk to her.
Guys like that will often go for months (even years) without a girlfriend, while other guys (who know how to approach, talk to and attract women in different environments) enjoy endless love, sex and relationships with their ideal types of women.
A guy who is struggling to get a girlfriend might be able to confidently talk to women he has no interest in dating (e.g. married women, unattractive women), but when he talks to a woman that he feels attracted to and wants to have sex or a relationship with, he usually becomes nervous and can’t get her to feel enough attraction for him to want something to happen between them.
As a result, most women he wants will only see him as ‘just a friend’, or worse just another man they don’t want to know.
Years of rejection by women he likes can lead him to think that he’s just not good enough. Yet, the reality is that he’s just not using the right approach when talking to women he likes.
The solution
21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend has been designed so you can quickly find a new a girlfriend, or begin dating and having sex with many new women.
This is done by providing you with the techniques (i.e. what to say and do) for approaching women in 21 different situations. When you use the techniques, a woman will happily give you her phone number and be eager to go on a date with you.
How it works
Each of the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend is explained individually.
Dan, Ben or Stu provide a real-life story of how they have successfully approached and picked up a woman by meeting her in the environment being discussed (e.g. shopping mall, bookstore, online dating), which then resulted in a casual sex relationship, or serious relationship.
Following the story, Dan, Ben and Stu go into detail and provide you with step-by-step instructions to successfully approach a woman in the specific environment. Instructions include: What to say, how to get her interested, how to get her phone number and how to have her eagerly wanting to go on a date with you…and much more.
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