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[Download] Temitope VandenBosch – Escape the Thought Spiral Course (2021)

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Are you ready to destroy the thought spirals that keep you from showing up in your business like the C.E.O. you are?

Are you tired of having some success in your biz, only to constantly wait for the other shoe to drop?

Is it exhausting to go from feeling like you’re unstoppable, and then the next day wondering whether people are getting the value that they paid for from your services?

Or even feeling confident that an ideal client is going to sign up for your program/services, only to find out that they decided to work with a competitor….or better yet- a FRIEND?

Good news then booskie: the Escape the Thought Spiral course was designed for you.

The Escape the Thought Spiral Course was created to lead you on an in-depth, step by step journey through HOW to destroy the shame vortex in entrepreneurship.

It will teach you how to CONQUER the fear monsters that tell you that success isn’t your birth right,

and MASTER the art of predicting the forecast.

Diva Boss, you’ll be LOCKED, LOADED, and ready for the emotional vortex before it shows up.

We need you to keep showing up and giving your gift to your clients, but it’s hard to do it if your mind is in a constant loop.

And if you’re not able to show up in your business…

Then this affects your creativity. . .

Which ultimately affects your income. . .

And Diva Boss – we can’t have that.

Im Topsie, and I’m the Mindset Expert for female entrepreneurs.

As you’re reading this, I’m on my couch, in my jammies at noon on a Wednesday, getting ready to go to my mental health therapy practice for a few hours.

Not only am I a mental health therapist in my community, I have also made it my life’s work to help driven women experience freedom from the toxic thought patterns that keep them feeling stuck.

“Predicting the storm forecast and the emergency plan modules are my favorite. I learned something completely new and it’s helped me understand better why I always feel like shit when things go wrong. Everything about the course is so helpful and I love how you talked about each thing specifically in the modules.

-Vasva Omanovic- Biz Coach + Brand Photographer

“I have been going through the course right now and it’s been life changing.” Honestly my mindset has been so strong, even in these times. THANK YOU.

-Andrea Feris- Lead Generation Coach

We all know that self-sabotage ain’t cute, but yet this happens anyway- especially to my babes who own their businesses. And I’m on a mission to help thousands of women end this spiral, that literally causes them to self-sabotage- and miss opportunities to sell.

You’re probably like, “Who is this girl?!

Where does she get her confidence from?”

Babygirl, I am a first generation Nigerian American woman from Michigan that saw an opportunity to fill a gap in an industry that was under-saturated with experts like me.

With a background in using evidence based methods to transform mindsets in my community for the past 8 years- I understand FIRST HAND the importance of a healthy mindset and its’ impact on your business.


After working with many female entrepreneurs in my coaching business, and making thousands of dollars in the process- I’ve condensed the psychology behind escaping the thought vortex to an exact science.

Which I will share with you inside the Escape the Thought Spiral Course.

Homegirl, lets talk about what the thought spirals look like:

You’ve been in the entrepreneur game for a minute- and you’ve made some BANK.

People engage with your Instagram stories. They buy your services.

You’ve got the whole “know, like, trust” thing DOWN.

BUT. The days that are a shitshow? Are the ones that you don’t talk about to your audience

– because you’re afraid you won’t look like an authority anymore.

On those days, you might be:

doubting what your business coach said- ‘cuz even though she told you to price your offer at $690,909 dollars- you don’t TRULY believe that anyone will pay that much.

struggling emotionally to climb out of a slump in business- and you honestly don’t feel like showing up on stories with puffy eyelids

going into a ‘im a fraud’ spiral’- just waiting for your clients to tell you that they wasted money on their investment with you and they want a refund

or even comparing yourself to your homegirl who did the same group coaching program as you- but her business skyrocketed faster. Meanwhile you’re over there thinkin, “wtf? We know the same shit! Why didn’t that happen for me?!”

And! Let’s not leave out the fact that on top of all of this

– you wonder whether you’ll maintain the financial success you’ve had every month

– and you think “I know they say that the dips in income are normal in business

– but are they? What if I have to get a * real job* now?”

You’re constantly worrying that people are getting tired of you selling your services- because no one seems to vote on IG story polls anymore unless its yesterdays’ moldy sandwich.

You’re so goal driven that if you don’t reach your income goals for your launches- it’s a toss up as to whether you’ll be inspired to create content afterwards.

Diva Boss, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Entrepreneurship can be tough- I agree.

But when you’re prioritizing all of the business and marketing methods- you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle:


And venting to your friend Karen via the DM’s just ain’t cutting it anymore.

You need expert guidance.

A proven blueprint to stopping the thought spirals before they start…

And accountability, to make sure you’re following through.

Escape the Thought Spiral Course is your no B.S. formula to destroying the shame vortex in its tracks,

so you can launch your services and make BANK in your business…with no interruptions.


When you finally decide to Escape the Thought Spiral in entrepreneurship, you’ll be given the roadmap to:

owning your expertise, and unapologetically pricing your offers at whatever you see fit-because your people are buying from YOU, and not because of what you offer #hidreamclients

believing that your continued success is not some stroke of luck – it’s YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.

understanding that you are in control of how much money you make in your business- and a slow month doesn’t mean that you’re a failure

HELLA confidence that someone elses’ success DOES NOT mean your failure- and that your business is progressing the way its supposed to.

BIG DIVA BOSS ENERGY, which you’ll tap into whenever a client decides to work with a competitor- because all that means is that they’re not your ideal client anyway!

UNWAVERING inner belief that you are good enough to receive the abundance that you desire- because your desires are from the Divine

Evidence based mindset strategies, that you will need to make BANK in your business
Here’s the roadmap you’ll use to

Escape the Thought Spiral:
Module I:

Source of the Vortex

Have you ever thought, “I’m doing so well in my business, how come I fall into these thought spirals? Why can’t I get my ish together?” Girlfriend, I gotchu. Learn about the source of the vortex, why some people struggle with it and some don’t, and how your core beliefs are partially to blame- and what you can do about it.

Value= $497

Module 2:

How the Vortex is Formed

Have you ever felt like you completely missed the memo for how to prepare for the worst moments in your business, and then all of a sudden you’re in a thought spiral, and you don’t know where things could have gone better? Learn the 5 key elements that are a MUST HAVE in your vortex emergency plan.

Value= $497

Module 3:

Predicting the Storm Forecast

You’re tired of being surprised by the vortex when it decides to come and screw up your day, and you lose hours worrying about worst case scenarios that never end up happening. Booskie- this will teach you how to be prepared for it so it doesn’t catch you off guard anymore.

Value= $497

Module 4:

Vortex Emergency Plan

Most of the time, you feel like such a boss, but then BOOM. You find yourself spiraling into a mush puddle of emotions, what ifs, and then you’re wondering when people will find out that you’re really a fraud. Learn about the 5 warning signs of the perfect storm, and what you can do to stop it in its tracks.

Value= $497

Module 5:

The Shame Vortex

Once it’s here- it destroys everything in its path. You sub-consciously self sabotage, you go M.I.A. off of social media, and you lose valuable momentum in your business. On top of that- you shame yourself for it, and beat yourself up for not being productive enough. Learn about what triggers cause the vortex to stay longer than its welcome, and how you can destroy the shame spiral once it’s here.

Value= $497

Module 6:

Escape the Shame Vortex

Now that you know how to destroy the shame spiral, it’s time to take massive action and get the hell up out of there! Learn best practices that will keep the vortex from forming again & your thought patterns that keep it brewing underneath the surface.

Value= $497

Escape the Thought Spiral Course gives you:

6 Psychology Based Methods To Destroy The Vortex

that I have used as the foundation of my work in transforming mindsets for the past 8 years. You can bet that I know EXACTLY what it takes to attack the thought spirals when they come.

Access to all 6 60 Minute Previously Recorded Facebook Livestream Q + A sessions

You’ll be able to watch and receive expert guidance from the Mindset Queen herself-because having me in your back pocket just means that your thought spirals will have a short life span. All of the Q+A sessions were previously recorded.

Value= $1000

Lifetime Access to the program

Because as much as I would love to promise that the vortex will never form again- I want you to have access to all of the ammo you’ll need to destroy it every time.


Worksheets For Every Module

You’re gonna be held accountable to understanding the information in every module- so theres no speeding through the content boo




One time payment of: $597



6 monthly payments of $100


Until Sunday UPGRADE to VIP: 1 week of Voxer Access + 75 Minute Intensive (Limited to the first 10 people)

You get me in your ear booskie, to answer all the juicy q’s that are sure to come up as you work through the course, PLUS an intensive where we will identify and BUST through those mindset blocks that are blocking you from making bank in your business. I haven’t offered intensives in a longg time, and these are high in demand! You get this at an incredible investment.

6 month payment of $190


“Before I went through the Escape the Thought Spiral, my mindset was poor. I often got caught up in my feelings and thoughts, which really drove my actions in a way that made me less productive, distracted from what I could be focusing on as a CEO, lacked boundaries and felt a total imbalance of work and life. I didn’t realize how much my mindset was changing the way I showed up online, for my clients and for myself. Since implementing and applying the concepts from the Escape the Thought Spiral course, I have grown tremendously no longer being attached to my business or income fluctuations as being reflective to my self worth. I started implementing new boundaries in a professional manner that allow me to have a balance and integration of work and life (like actually get to enjoy life again!). And ultimately, I catch myself now anytime my mind wants to go in a thought spiral: I know what to look for as signs, where these feelings stem from, able to look at the feeling objectively and use my emergency plan to put into place that stops this spiral in its tracks!

-Sammy Peterson RD, Lifestyle Dietitian

“This course helped me to be honest with myself when it came to that mindset and reframe what was ACTUAL FACTS not what I was feeling. Now I have been able to continue to show up CONFIDENTLY + CONSISTENTLY in + outside of my business. I am showing up as my best self + this has allowed me to get out of my own way, while serving my community + clients at a higher level.”

– Kherington McFarland, Content Strategist for Solopreneurs

Escape the Thought Spiral Course is for you if:

You’re ready for worry free launches of your programs and offers- because you wont be wondering whether this will be your last month in business.

You desire to take needed time off from business as you need- minus the thought spiral about being homeless and losing it all.

You’d love to stop running from success- and doubting that you can follow through on the results that your services promise.

You’re desperate to finally feel like the expert you are at your craft- without imposter syndrome ruining the party.

You’re tired of comparing your Year 2 in business to her Year 10- and you want to feel satisfied with where you are now, without the anxiety or the discouragement

Escape the Thought Spiral Course is NOT for you if:

You want to use this as a substitute for going to mental health therapy and addressing the deeper rooted issues that are coming up for you- that’s not the point of this course.

You have a “I know it all” attitude- and you struggle with being told to try something more than 1x to get consistent results

You want to stay in a victim mindset, because you secretly love the drama and you love being the center of attention

You’re not willing to put in the work, do the homework, practice the skills, and watch the previously recorded Q +A calls. There’s so many other boss babes who would love to take your place in this course

You think that this will end up being just another course that doesn’t change anything for you, and will end up collecting dust in your email inbox

“Since the course, I can easily sense when I am entering a spiral of negative thoughts and now I have consistent tools to break down why it’s happening. When in the past, I could only scrape the surface. The modules taught me how to face these thoughts in a way that inspired reflection and in turn I am more resilient because of it. I still have a ways to go, but my foundation is more stable and I thank you for that!”

-Viviana Podhaiski, New York Wedding Photographer

“My mindset has been so good before my launch because #1- YOUR COURSE! I am able to catch my thoughts before I go into a thought spiral. I know what to do when that negative thought creeps in. I don’t attach my worth to my business anymore.” Laura Sacco- Meditation Teacher

I know you got questions, Diva Boss.

I got answers for you:

Q: What is the Escape the Thought Spiral Course?

A:The Escape the Thought Spiral Course is my brand new 6 week long course & coaching hybrid program for female entrepreneurs who struggle with conquering the negative thoughts that come up in entrepreneurship- which I call the “shame vortex.” They desire to understand how it starts, what techniques to use to crush it in its tracks, so that it no longer prevents them from keeping momentum in their businesses. After using psychology as the vehicle for transforming hundreds of mindsets over the past 8 years, its safe to say I understand how the brain works, and the mindset skills that are needed in entrepreneurship. Now I’ll be sharing this roadmap inside the Escape the Thought Spiral course. This is a self paced 6 week course.

Q: How much live support will I get?

A: There is no live support inside of this course- it is entirely self paced. The Escape the Thought Spiral course is not a 1:1 private coaching program, however you’ll be sure to receive access to all 6 previously recorded 60 minute Q+A sessions inside of Kajabi. Through having access to this, you will have all of the ammunition you need inside of the course to destroy the shame vortex.

Q: Why should I invest in the Escape the Thought Spiral course?

A: The Escape the Thought Spiral Course is designed to lead you on an in-depth, step by step journey through HOW to destroy the shame vortex in entrepreneurship, CONQUER the fear monsters that tell you that success isn’t your birth right, and MASTER the art of predicting the forecast- so you’re always prepared to swerve the b.s. thoughts that threaten productivity in your business. Chances are, you’ve probably lost SO MUCH TIME worrying about imaginary scenarios in your business that have never happened- thus you’ve probably missed out on opportunities to make BANK.

.Q: Should I choose the Escape the Thought Spirals course or your 1:1 Private Coaching offer?

A: My 1:1 Private Coaching program is a 90 day, high touch, accelerated coaching offer. If you are a female entrepreneur, has made bank in your business and has achieved some success but craves support surrounding your mindset- then I would suggest that for you. However- Escape the Thought Spiral is appropriate for any female entrepreneur who desires to know the tools to destroy the shame vortex before it sabotages their success. My 1:1 Private Coaching is quadruple the investment as Escape the Thought Spiral- so I’m gonna leave it in your hands as to which level of support you need in your business.
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