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Have you ever wondered why your business isn’t making more money? Why working longer or harder just doesn’t seem to make a dent in your bottom line? Why chasing after new customers takes so much time and energy? And does it ever seem like your successful competitors know some “secret” to making sales that you don’t?

If this sounds familiar, we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is this: if it seems like there’s something successful people know that you don’t… it’s true! THEY DO. But the good news is that there’s nothing holding you back from using the same methods that have made the world’s wealthiest business owners, trainers, coaches, healers, and other professionals so successful.
All you need is the right system. Once you know the system that wealthy people use to create their success, you can practically print money. And in a moment, we’ll tell you the system that thousands of people from around the world have used to learn these methods. It’s the same step-by-step system T. Harv Eker has used to make over $500 million from his business ventures and soon you’ll be able to use it too.
But first, there’s something you need to understand…
It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Product Or Service Is – You Won’t Get Rich If No One Knows You Exist!
In our society, marketing has a bad name.
We complain about TV commercials trying to manipulate us and play on our emotions. We roll our eyes at cheesy billboards and toss junk mail in the trash. A call from a telemarketer can be frustrating enough to ruin our day.
And yet, for people who run a business, marketing is often seen as a “necessary evil”.
After all, no one can buy your products if they don’t know they exist.
The truth is, marketing doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. When you find the right approach, suddenly, selling your products and services becomes easy.
But instead of chasing potential customers or clients down, resorting to cold calls, or throwing away money on ads that never seem to show solid results…
You Can Learn To Market Yourself Without “Selling”

People Products They Don’t Want And Don’t Need
Today you’re going to learn about a step-by-step system you can use to magnetically attract your dream customers or clients.
Instead of spending your days chasing down the next paycheck, you can spend more of your time doing what you love, and less time wondering when your next sale will come in.
But it won’t happen if you spend 100 hours a week creating products, ordering inventory, or perfecting your services in the hopes of making it big instead of marketing.
Unfortunately most people spend less than 20% of their efforts on marketing and that’s one of the most common reasons why most businesses fail.
Marketing is responsible for the income you bring into your company and it keeps your company afloat. Without marketing you have no customers, without customers you have no money, and without money you have no business.
So what would happen if you turned the tables and really invested in developing your marketing skills… and went from spending whatever you currently spend on marketing right now to spending 80% of your time on it? How would your life change?
Some of you reading this might think that sounds agonizing. If you’re only spending 20% or less of your time marketing, there’s probably a reason. Because if you’re like so many business owners, professionals, coaches, trainers, and healers – you hate the idea of “selling” to people. It makes sense. We don’t like to bother other people. We aren’t sure if we’re wasting their time. And most of all, we don’t want to hear a rejection.
And that’s what makes Harv’s system so powerful. It teaches you how to market yourself and your business – without ever having to “sell” yourself again!
How? It’s actually very simple. When you target your marketing to the people who really want and need your product or service, making money becomes easy. You no longer have to persuade, nag, or beg your prospects to buy.
We’ll explain how it all works in a moment. But first, a little about your teacher (T. Harv Eker) and some of the mistakes he’s made on his own journey to wealth.
Harv Has Learned How To Market The

Hard Way – So You Don’t Have To!
This comprehensive training program is taught by T. Harv Eker. You may know him as the bestselling author of the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, as well as the creator of numerous life-changing trainings on wealth and mindset.
Over the years, he’s earned more than $500 million through his businesses – nearly half a billion simply by using his own real-world experiences to help thousands and thousands of students create high levels of success in their own lives.
But Harv wasn’t always a millionaire. In fact, for about 10 years he struggled with a series of failed business ventures – wondering why it seemed impossible to get any of his ideas off the ground. At one point he was so broke he had to move back in with his parents – embarrassing at any age, but especially at age 30!
Then, he received some advice that would change his life forever. A wealthy family friend told him to study the strategies and mindset of people who were already rich and to find out what they had in common that made them so successful.
And the rest is history.
Now, after years of trial and error, Harv has created a step-by-step, copy and paste system that literally anyone can use to create wealth. These are powerful marketing strategies that can help any business, in any industry, find ideal customers and draw them to you like magic.
When you enroll in The Wealthy Marketer,

you’ll learn how to
Define your message to attract the best buyers

Determine your target markets and discover lucrative specialty markets

Write magnetic copy for your ads, your sales letters, your emails, your website copy, and even your brochures if you use them

Add upsells, downsells, and cross-sells to instantly increase your profits and bottom line

Bundle your services or programs and how to structure your backend offers so you are maximizing your revenue

Create an irresistible tagline and unique selling proposition or hook to give your market clarity on what you do and why you’re the one to help them

Articulate your heart story so you can emotionally connect with your market and make them fall in love with you

Create irresistible offers to make sales effortless while building extreme goodwill with your customers

Develop the ultimate sales funnel to create real wealth and financial success

Spend the same amount of money yet massively increase profits

Set up joint ventures and endorsed mailers to get 10X the exposure and 10X the sales

Use a continuity program to build a baseline with recurring income for your business

Setup the simplest but the most effective referral program

Create a frequent buyer incentive program that keeps your customers coming back again and again and again

And much, MUCH more..

This foolproof system can be applied to any business, and used over and over again.
These are time-tested principles Harv has used to create success in his own life, and has seen students use again and again across a range of industries.
Module 1: Introduction and The Wealthy Marketing Mind

Why simply learning marketing skills won’t necessarily make you rich – unless you spend the time and energy to develop a “marketing mind”.

How subconscious blocks around marketing could be causing you to sabotage your own success without you even realizing it.

The “4 keys” that will help you let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs around marketing that might be holding you back from success in life.

Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Target Market

What a marketing system is and why it’s vital to any successful business and how to create your own.

How to identify the perfect market – so you don’t have to spend time, energy and money trying to convince uninterested people to buy.

How to create a “secondary” market to maximize your income without any added effort.

Module 3: The Message

How to develop your business’s message and help your products or services stand out from the crowd.

What a unique selling proposition is, why you need one and how it will help you uncover hidden advantages against your competitors.

Why positioning yourself as an expert is one of the best USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions) you can use in your marketing and how to automatically become one.

Module 4: The Medium

60+ effective ways you can market and distribute your product – some you’ve probably never considered before.

What joint ventures are, and why they’re one of the best ways to create rapid growth along with helping you maintain steady, ongoing momentum in your business.

Step-by-step how to create a referral system, so you can turn your existing customers into raving fans and have them connect with an unlimited amount of new potential prospects. (Just imagine if every single one of your customers referred you just 1 new customer – your business would AUTOMATICALLY DOUBLE!)

Module 5: Maximizing Marketing

How developing a “backend” to your business is the quickest way to get rich in business and how it cultivates loyal customers or clients who last for life.

What your customer’s lifetime value is and how to increase it by 10X by using T. Harv Eker’s special “marketing funnel”.

How to create high-end packages and how to create attractive bundles of your products and services using Harv’s irresistible offer template.

BONUS TRAINING: How to double your profits in 5 minutes or less.

Module 6: Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets

How great copywriting can double, triple, or even quadruple your profits – and make the difference between a million dollar launch or a product that bombs.

How to craft powerful headlines for your promotional material that hooks prospects from the second they lay eyes on it.

The two most effective types of stories and how you can use them to create persuasive copy that compels your potential customers to buy whenever you want.

PLUS, Harv’s very own Million Dollar Copywriting Templates, which you can easily use to create high-performing sales pages – even if you’ve never written copy before.
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