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 What You’re Gonna Get…
5-Module, Lucrative Launch Masterclass
Steve’s 5, 6, and 7 Figure Launch Formula – the same proprietary formula he uses AFTER his product is finished and ready to sell. It’s responsible for literally, almost every dollar he’s made…
4-Module, Create Your Core Offer Course
Steve went through 34 product failures over 5 years, then immediately into 46 successes in a row during the next 3 years. What ‘clicked’? THAT is what ‘Create Your Core Offer’ course will teach you.

Includes In-Home Product Creation Workshop Kit

Money-Message Script Templates 
This is ALL the copywriting Steve knows how to do. To be clear, he is NOT a pro-copywriter, but instead has focused on the 20% that gets 80% of the results. After you use these templates, you can easily finish your copy yourself, or hand it to a pro with ease.
$100k Capitalist Success Path 
Many have agreed that $100k is much harder than $1m. After your product is proven… then what? This path will not only guide you through the course, but you’ll also see what these skills allow you do to next. Mhmm, you’ll be lethal to the market with these skills.
* One Of The Most Important Things I Could Give You
CMO’s Guide To Evergreen Cash 
When should you automate your funnels? This keeps a lot of startups from becoming an actual business (that you’re not glued to so it won’t die). Steve is not a ‘biz-systems’ guy, and that’s not what this is, but this POWERFUL piece will guide your main revenue source through the tender transition between ‘launch’ and ‘evergreen’.
Private Launch & Brainstorm Community
Learn, ask, study, and even find future venture partners in your private ‘Internet Launch Secrets’ community. You’re surrounded by fellow Capitalist Pigs in campaign-mode. Openly promoting to the other group members isn’t allowed, but finding launch and JV partners is highly encouraged in this members-only group.
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