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We are not separate selves, we are waves in the ocean of existence. In this webinar we will approach this fundamental insight from the perspectives of quantum physics and of ancient wisdom traditions.
We will begin by tracing the evolution of our understanding of mind and matter from ancient times to the present, culminating in the revolutionary findings of quantum physics.
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Explore the implications of those findings for life and consciousness.
Explore what does it mean to be in a body, to be embodied? What is consciousness?
Examine the role of the observer in quantum physics and find that it is indeed central, although not in the way it is usually assumed.
Compare the quantum world view with that of ancient Daoists and find that the notion (or no-notion!) of Dao is as close as one can get to expressing the oneness of matter and mind, consciousness and world.
Look at ways of manifesting Dao in everyday life, acting from a place of non-doing, following the water way.

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