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Selling LinkedIn Marketing Services: Agency Challenge – Define a sales ladder, create a pitch deck, generate leads with LinkedIn & email, create proposals & ace sales calls
What you’ll learn

Define your sales ladder which helps you to reduce entry barriers that keep most agencies from growing.
Define your joy niche, so that you do not only find a lucrative niche, but also one that is fun to work with
Define the results and deliverables for your services, so that you create an offer that is highly valuable to your joy niche
Identify your trust signals to oil your marketing machine
Create your pitch deck to get your irresistible offer out in the world
Polish your LinkedIn profile so that you are prepared for LinkedIn outreach
Maximize connection acceptance rates of people in your joy niche by sending them personalized messages
Supercharge your network with a method that increases your outreach limits by up to 3000 contact requests per month
Create a target list with organic posts
Turn your sales calls in coaching calls to rapidly build trust and double or triple your sales
Create an irresistible proposal that your prospects love signing
Follow-up with prospects in a non-pushy way to exponentially increase your sales


No prior sales experience necessary
No LinkedIn experience necessary

Agency founders, are you exploring the best ways to land clients for your LinkedIn Marketing Services?
Embark on the “Master Selling LinkedIn Marketing Services: Agency Challenge” and unlock the secrets to rapidly grow your agency.
Learn from GrowthClub, the powerhouse agency that skyrocketed from zero to €1.2 million in just one year with LinkedIn marketing services. Gain insights from the instructors’ experiences with clients like Google, Amazon, UIpath, McKinsey, and many more.
Go through a remarkable transformation, like Susanne Plassmann who scored the highest-paying client in her 20-year career and like Divij Rakhra’s who went from 0 to $192,000 USD annual recurring revenue in just four months. Your LinkedIn story is waiting to be written!
Meet your instructors, Adi Suja and Marc Eichner. With their combined experience, they’ll guide you through a proven 3-week program, covering everything from building a strong value proposition to mastering lead generation and sales.
Get access to invaluable resources, including a high-converting sales pitch deck, email templates, sales scripts, and service proposal templates. These powerful tools will equip you to confidently pitch your services and close deals.
Commit 2 hours daily for 3 weeks, and you’ll emerge with the skills and knowledge to create a thriving LinkedIn Marketing Agency. Learn from the mistakes and successes of the experts and build your empire today!
Say goodbye to uncertainty and unleash your agency’s potential with the Master Selling LinkedIn Marketing Services: Agency Challenge Live!
Enroll now and begin your journey to LinkedIn Marketing success!
Your Instructors:
Adi Suja
-Grew his LinkedIn Agency to 23 employees in 3 years
-Generated 100+ Mio Content Views for clients
-45,000 Followers on LinkedIn
Marc Eichner
-Consulted 47+ Founders & CEO’s in LinkedIn Personal Branding
-Featured in Washington Post & Sueddeutsche Zeitung
-18,000 Followers on LinkedIn
You’ll learn:
Week 1: Foundation
Step 1: Onboarding
Step 2: Joy Niche
Step 3: Results & Deliverables
Step 4: Trust Signals
Step 5: Pitch Deck: Offering
Week 2: Consolidation & Lead Gen
Step 6: Pitch Deck: Deliverables
Step 7: Pitch Deck: Polish
Step 8: LinkedIn Profile Polish
Step 9: Targeting & Outreach
Step 10: Supercharge Your Network
Week 3: Lead Gen & Sales
Step 11: Surprise Lead Gen Strategy
Step 12: Sales Call Mindset
Step 13: Sales Call Clarity
Step 14: Proposal
Step 15: Follow-Ups
Also including:
-Our exact sales pitch deck
-High-converting email templates
-High-converting sales script
-Service proposal template
-15 modules full of video lessons
Learn from our mistakes and success.
Start creating your LinkedIn Marketing Agency Empire now!
Who this course is for:

Agency Owners
Copy Writers
Content Writers
Personal Branding Specialists
Branding Specialists
Lead Generation Specialists
Performance Marketers
Paid Ads Specialists
LinkedIn Coaches

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