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Program #1

CTC The CTC Launches
(to learn your funnel and launch sequences)
10X Launches is the only copywriting software that is designed to speed up your execution and increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns, regardless of what funnel type or strategy for launch you’re using.
It’s not just designed for the top-of-the-line start writers…
However, for coaches consultants, course creators, consultants and anyone else who is likely to gain from establishing their funnel and launch copy more quickly and with greater impact.
In this TOP-SELLING PROGRAM you’ll be able to access:
2 “Core” Modules
This will introduce you to The “Coaching the Conversion(tm) method” and how you can leverage a brand new, more powerful understanding of “direct response” that opens the floodgates of more intimacy, understanding, and conversions.
5 “Launch” Modules
The entire process of breaking down each step of your launch funnel in complete depth (including the ones you didn’t knew existed). You’ll discover exactly what’s at playing during the Segmentation and Confirmation, Pre-Launch and Sales stages of your funnel, and how to create the message that guides your prospects to make the final purchase with a shrewd, honest manner.
25+ Email Templates
There is no BS “plug’n’play” and “swipe to deploy” items that force your message into boxes that deprive it of all vitality and potential.
Instead, you’ll get full walksthroughs and breakdowns of the most frequently used templates I use time and time again for 6 and 7-figure launch campaigns.
This means that you’re able to create the OWN highly-converting email launch in just 25 minutes, and then send them through ConvertKit ActiveCampaign (or your wtv) while your coffee is still hot.
Program #2
CTC Sales Pages
(to master your long form sales page)
This is the way to go.
It’s where the top hired copywriters and coaches, and course marketers around the world make their living.
It’s where the conversion occurs or does not. With cold hard numbers which don’t care how numerous Clif bars you eat in the process.
It’s the place where the most popular business owners on the internet transform their the desire, interest and engagement into what you really need the most: sales.
What exactly do you think “it”?
It’s your long-form sales page.
It’s true… the majority of marketers and copywriters avoid long-form sales page templates like the they would… taking it like a close-talking lepper snoring caffeine breath… rather than the salesperson who is always available, your sales page is the last step of your marketing funnel should be.
Then why marketers (and even professional copywriters) stay clear of sales pages?
Since writing a lengthy sales page can be intimidating AF.
This is the Night King of the Whitewalker army.
This is the Beef Wellington on Hell’s Kitchen.
The funnel is, in essence, your Lord Voldemort in your funnel for marketing – also known as the funnel asset, which should not be identified.
A lengthy sales page is the place where you’ll have to spend many hours writing thousands of words to affirm your status to be the best in your field…
Or be honest with you in the Gordon-Ramsay style that your marketing was not as effective as the business coach you hired told you it was.
There’s a lot of pressure involved there.
However, there’s also a bigger payoff when you can do it faster and more profitably than other people in your field. This is a benefit that gives you the freedom to conjure up words that are similar to real-er
Confronting, yep? Conquerable. Absolutely.
Within CTC Sales Pages, you’ll follow the exact procedure I’ve used to compose over twenty six and seven-figure sales pages for brands like that of Amy Porterfield, Copyhackers, and many others.
Program #3 and #4
Six Figure Mails and seven figure emails
(for an even greater amount of emails that convert to email)
Hello and welcome to “Johnnie Walker Blue” of our email template collection.
This is the top mix for those with more sophisticated marketing palettes.
The content is derived from my most successful launches for industry giants such as Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Traffic & Funnels, and Copyhackers.
What you’ll receive is 13 highly sophisticated emails which you can utilize in an emergency situation when you’re required to create an email that is a stand-alone sales message for a webinar invite, an after-webinar replay, a flash sale, or downsell.
To be crystal clear this isn’t one of those shady and boring “swipe and use” templates that you’ve been able to see floating around in the more shady parts of the marketing online pool.
These are flexible, loose templates that lead the user through master-classes that go deep, that teach you the fundamental psychology behind each.
That is, you understand why they function and you are fully able to engineer them in order to most effectively serve your customers.
Program #5
Minimal Version Viable 2.0
(to rapidly rock lucrative and low-cost launch of email)
We’ve identified the single most powerful aspect of 10x Launches. The part that students have acknowledged as having created the most significant ROI in record-time…
Then it was given a fresh 2022 look.
You’ll also get access to a variety of NEW templates we’ve added to our stack built on tests that have been repeated and real-world data.
However, we’ll provide you one-click automated uploads to incorporate the entire sequence into your ActiveCampaign . This will save you and your team approximately five hours of heavy-duty integration time.
Program #6
Application Amplifiers for Funnel
(for making powerful pre-calls)

enrollment experiences)
The experience of registering starts the moment your prospect makes a phone telephone call.
If you send it in between 12 and 72 hours that pass between the time they book the call and you show up then you’re missing an excellent opportunity to coach the necessary changes.
In this new program, you’ll be taught how you can consciously design your entire application experience in order to prevent objections from occurring, build attraction and increase the odds for getting the best enrollment experience
You’ll find practical solutions to:

You must be clear about your price BEFORE you make making a sales call
How do you design the questions you ask to ensure that it actually helps your prospective customer to be a part of the program (yes there are questions that are based on copy)
What should you put on the confirmation page of your booking to generate an incredible momentum and also a “point that is non-return” to your schedule
What systems and tools do we utilize to create an effortless booking experience

Program #7
Next-Level Automation and Optimization Stack
(upcoming as well as ongoing automated tutorials)
In the course of how it becomes apparent that the CTC Membership evolves and grows, our resident Wizard Philip Powis is currently creating a library of one-click importable automations (into ActiveCampaign), playbooks that leverage software, and a list of most sophisticated (and affordable) equipment and systems Philip recommends for growing courses quickly and coaching companies.

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