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Hello, I’m Verena Ho, the founder of Growthtext.
For years, I was a low paid web designer. I hovered between $3000-$4000 a month in sales.
Every month, I had to rely on new customers. At the beginning of each month, I had no idea how much money would come in during the next 30 days.
I had no financial security.
Like most people selling products and services on the internet, I didn’t have a sustainable business; in fact, I didn’t have a real business at all.
I was living by-guess-and-by-golly, customer by customer.
Then, I did something… and that’s when everything changed for me.
My monthly sales shot up to $20,000+ and have stayed there ever since. I will never fall back to what I used to get because I don’t have to.
My very comfortable income is not based on a stroke of luck. Life is now amazing.
What did I do to grow my business by 600%?
I grew an email list.
I grew more than 5,000 email subscribers in 6 months using Growthtext.
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