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Hi, my name is Christopher Bucklein

You may not have heard of me before. I am one of the minds behind the biggest YouTube channels of the world. With more than 11 billion generated views and 7 channels that use my strategies getting one million subscribers I’ve led many brands to success.
But I was not always a “marketing guru”.
Instead, I had to learn it the hard way. Making hundreds of mistakes, failing and publishing videos that got no views at all.

If you want to kickstart your online marketing journey – I’m your man!
But was it always like that? No!

A couple of years ago I was stuck and thought I might not be successful forever.
Not only did I not have content ideas while working as a journalist which put a lot of pressure on me… But also I had some business ideas I shared with a couple of friend.
My boss told me I was about to be fired and my friends told me I should give up those ideas because I would never be successful with that. What a bummer, right?
I left my job, gave up my dreams and went on to become a marketer at a multi million company. One day I got the chance to manage the YouTube channel for a brand that was about to be closed because it was not profitable enough.
The employees of this brand were told to give up and find new jobs. When I heard that and I remembered how that felt, when I had dreams, I knew I need to help them as good as I can.
After working days and nights on their YouTube channel we were able to hit 25 million views in it’s first month from scratch and give this brand the rebirth it deserved.
From this day on I knew that I want to help people who are stuck in their business to get more reach, clients and revenue by uploading amazing content.
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