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We are past the tribal era where the large muscular guy imposes his will by force in an act of power. In this modern-day, men have multiple domains to master and become dominant in to attain power. But the vast options have also made it infinitely more difficult for men to apply conviction and self-determination. I’ve stressed this before, I’ll stress it again, personality is everything.
You need to spend time studying your personality. I would spend about $100 on several personality tests to really get a good grasp of which traits stand out that define you. Do different tests and cross reference each. I am not going to go into details on the traits but here is a list of them:


Excellence is found in exploiting your traits. Once you have recognised and acknowledged what personality type you are, find work or become productive in domains where you can manifest your traits. Then practice till you become perfect. Then practice more to apply efficiency. The aim is to provide value largely built by the strength of your traits. Your value then, becomes your signature. It makes you a “part of” the value itself, an indispensable portion of it.
Speed separates you from others as the winner. Why? Because it means you can provide the most amount of productivity of labour, in the shortest period of time. And if you can deliver it flawlessly, then you become an absolute force to contend with.
Never let your specific knowledge self-automate. And never teach others 100% of what you know. It’s crucial to understand that the value you provide from your competence does not self-automate. You need to be a part of it. You need to ingrain yourself into the system that generates
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