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[Download] Pixel Cover – Ecoverio (2021)

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About the course:
Pixel Cover – Ecoverio Download

All-in-One Tool To Create STUNNING Books, Magazine, Kindle Cover, or Even Video and Marketing Kit To Launch Your Book

Create Your Own Book / Magazine / Kindle Cover Like a PRO

With This D.F.Y Covers and Layout Templates

Sell More Book Using All The Right Templates

Whether you’ve written a fantasy novel, a technical how-to guide or any other type of book, one thing’s for sure…
You want people to READ IT..!!

And here’s the problem :

Despite that old saying about not judging a book by its cover, people (ALWAYS) judge the books by their covers all the time!
If your cover looks professional and conveys the right image, people are more likely to read the book.
On the other hand, if your cover looks amateur, they’ll assume that the same applies to the writing.
If you selling Book, Kindle, Magazine, or eBook online… through your own website or marketplace such as Amazon Kindle, the product cover design is the first thing your customer will sees. It’s the MOST important element that can make positive impression at the first glance to your product!
And an EXTRAORDINARY cover draws attention and creates anticipation. The visual design is what gives us confidence to buy the book.

“A study by found that a better cover design increased book visibility by 50% or more…”

– More Visibility For Your Book Means More Readers And More Sales –

A well-designed book cover is also a great way of finding the right audience for your book. The right combination of colours, imagery and fonts can convey so much about the book’s style and subject.
If you get the book cover design right, your readers will know what to expect.
You can use your cover to send out all sorts of signals about the style and tone of your book :
… Playful or Serious…

… Suitable for Adults or Children…

… Thriller or Comedy…

… Viction or Non-Viction… etc.
All of this will help you to reach the people who are looking for a book just like yours.
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