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A 12-week course for female entrepreneurs who are able to scale and develop their online business.
Are you a coach, guide, or do you provide executed services for your providers (e.g. social media advertising and graphic design, net development, on-line yoga program, etc.) That is what you are!
Does this sound like you?

Although you might have been successful on the world of natural social media marketing and gained purchasers via Instagram or Fb groups, your launches are beginning to feel exhausting.

You feel like you have to be on your feet all the time, writing reels, posting in your feeds, and launching without taking breaks.

It is possible that you are bored working in your small business. You may want to start working ON your business.

You haven’t tried paid advertising (Fb and Pinterest ads) or you did try it once but didn’t see the same results as other people.

Gross sales funnel is a term that triggers instant chills. Scammy web entrepreneurs are immediately brought to mind.

You wouldn’t be able to pass all the social media tools by tomorrow if you didn’t have an enterprise. Yikes!

You sound pretty, I’m sure! It’s time to move your small business to the next stage!
What if…

A predictable CLIENT-producing system would be created that gives you the results you desire

Your small business is still operating and producing buyers. You could go days without working your computer or cellphone.

Because you have a system that works for you, you won’t have to worry about where your next consumer is coming from.

You were able to help more people and deliver unforgettable results while being in your zone.

You don’t have to create new content (tales, posts, etc.). You don’t have to create new content material every day, but you can still provide valuable information that demonstrates your expertise to your customers each day.

Your e-mail list is growing with the ideal buyers who are eager to open your emails

I’m here to help you!

Nadine is my name. I have worked as a social media marketer contract for over five years before I turned my executed-for-you providers into a training company and consulting business.
My applications were launched quickly and I was able to scale my business to six figures using only natural social media advertising. It seemed very easy to the wrestle avenue.
Two years ago, I had exhausted my Instagram followers. I was so focused on my current purchasers and launching the teaching program that I didn’t have any interest in attracting NEW buyers.
I felt burnt out! I was always on stories and in charge of a Fb group that looked profitable but didn’t bring in any paying customers. Although people loved my free content, I was hustling hard.
It was time for programs to be implemented and an automated lead era system. It sounded disgusting to me, and I was suffering from PTSD from my experience with Fb Adverts that did not work for me.
I realized that funnels don’t have to be clever and salesy, and that customer satisfaction was still the main focus. I became friends with Fb & Instagram Adverts.
In just a few short months, my list grew to 15k people, aka my potential buyers, and I have since helped others do the same.
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