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Hi, my name is Mike Pearson, founder of Stupid Simple SEO™ and the popular SEO course that goes by the same name.

And I’ve been making money passively with niche sites for more than five years now, including my first $5,000 month from Amazon Associates all the way back in December 2014:

Up until today when I’m still cashing $4,000 and $5,000 checks from Mediavine and Amazon month after month on auto-pilot …

And I just recently hit my first $9,000 month with my new niche site in the credit space …

While still working my 9-5 corporate job and helping to raise my two little adorable kids at home.

I’ve started four- and five-figure per month niche sites in the vacuum niche (yes, really), fitness niche, backpacking niche, and now credit niche, and I’ve perfected the process for identifying high-income potential niches with my Niche Sites That Scale System.
Niche Site Academy

The most easy-to-follow (yet comprehensive) training program laser-focused on getting your niche site up & running and making money as fast as humanly possible.

After Implementing the Niche Site Academy System, You’ll Have…

Nailed down the perfect niche. No more worrying about whether you can actually make money with your niche—finally have the confidence knowing what kind of niches are profitable (and which ones to avoid).
A professional looking site up & running fast. Have WordPress installed, your new theme and plugins activated, a logo designed, and your new site up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks.
Profitable, rankable keywords to go after. Stop trying to guess which keywords you think you can rank for. After completing the Keyword Research module, you’ll know exactly the right types of keywords to target.
A content strategy to consistently publish high-quality posts. Say goodbye to wasting time writing content that has no chance of ranking and, worse yet, no ability to actually make you money.
A scalable process to build backlinks. When you’re ready to build links, you’ll be able to follow a proven, repeatable process for getting quality backlinks (no guest posting required).
A dialed-in system to outsource your content. When you’re ready to outsource your content creation to freelance writers, I’ll show you my hands-off system to getting consistently high-quality content posted to your site each month with you barely doing any work.

But more than that, Niche Site Academy will finally give you the confidence knowing that you’re starting a site in a niche that actually has the potential to make you money.

Let’s take a look under the hood at all the simple yet comprehensive, actionable, and over-the-shoulder video trainings you’ll get instant access to.
Isn’t The WHOLE POINT of blogging to actually MAKE MONEY?

If you’ve been blogging your butt off, pumping out value-soaked content, pinning all day long and writing for months about your “passions” …

Only to STILL see yourself stuck making less than $100 per month, it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to truly understand how successful content sites ACTUALLY make money.
Here’s what you might not realize about creating a website that actually makes money…

Look, in a perfect world we would all blog about our passions and make $10,000 per month. But the truth is that most of our “passions” make for terrible niches, because the audience size is too small and it’s really hard to monetize whatever little traffic you’re able to get.

At the end of the day, when it comes to making money with a content-focused site like a blog or niche site, it all comes down to choosing the right NICHE.

Because while some niches are a goldmine for attracting large audiences ready to buy—hello, affiliate marketing revenue!—other niches are almost impossible to build traction with.

Which means that if you choose the WRONG niche, your website is doomed to fail before you even install your WordPress theme.

Yes, as content marketers we all know that “content is king”, but for niche sites and blogs in particular, there are a handful of content-types that are a magnet for attracting affiliate sales on auto-pilot every single day.

If you end up publishing the wrong kind of content—which will never rank in Google, and is hard to monetize—you’ll have wasted countless hours writing posts that aren’t moving your business forward.

There’s nothing wrong with having a beautiful looking site that you’re proud of, but if you’re spending more than one day of your time worrying about the look and feel of your site, before you even have ANY traffic yet, then you’re not focusing on what really matters: publishing high-quality content that’s going to grow your traffic and affiliate income.
Trust me: the most successful niche sites online aren’t making five-figures per month because they’ve got the perfect tagline.

The best part? You don’t need an audience, an email list, or your own product to sell to hit four-figures+ per month

The best part? You don’t need an audience, an email list, or your own product to sell to hit four-figures+ per month
Listen, I know just as well as anyone that having an engaged audience and email list can be a great way to build a business.

But I also know that you can hit four-figures per month (and more) without either of those two things, just by building a profitable niche site that’s centered around:

A great niche
A keyword research-focused content strategy
An affiliate marketing plan that drives clicks & sales

And this is exactly how I’ve been able to earn well over $300,000 with the Amazon affiliate program (well before I got into doing email marketing and selling my own products).
Starting and scaling a profitable niche site is easier than ever

(because most bloggers still have no clue how to make money)​

If you’re on this page then you already know niche sites can be a great way to make a consistent and—dare I say—passive way to make money online every month.

The type of income that allows you to …

Pop into your kiddo’s 1st grade show-and-tell unannounced on Thursday morning to surprise them because you’re no longer answering to anyone but yourself now since you’ve quit your 9-5.
Not hesitate for even one second as you hit add to cart on that new Coach bag you’ve always wanted but weren’t quite sure you could really afford (#nowyoucan)
Finally hire that VA you’ve always needed to take care of those little day-to-day tasks that were eating away at your time but now that you’re running a real biz you know is totally worth the investment.

But what you might not know is that there’s a simple five-part framework that has the potential to …

Help you finally choose a niche that you know has the ability to make you money.
Help you identify profitable keywords and topic ideas so you can create content that your audience wants to read, bringing you in thousands of free visitors a day, and putting you in the
position to make affiliate sales on autopilot.

Let you generate a steady stream of passive cash from Mediavine and Amazon, because once your posts are ranking at the top of Google you can ditch fillin’ up your Tailwind queue all day long.

And it’s called …
Here’s What’s Included:        

Phase 1. Niche Selection

Get your new site started on the right foot by picking out a niche that actually has the chance to get you traffic and make you money—backed by data, not “passions”.
Phase 2. Site Setup

Get your site up and running, SEO optimized, and ready to roll in a matter of hours—not weeks.
Phase 3. Niche Site Keywords

Never waste any time again wondering what your audience “might” be interested in, and what affiliate keywords will actually drive money-making conversions.
Phase 4. Niche Site Content

Finally have the confidence knowing which kind of content will rank highly in Google, send you free traffic every month, and convert those visitors to affiliate sales.
Phase 5. Niche Site Links

Learn the efficient and scalable link-building strategy that all five-figure per month niche sites are using to build white-hat links consistently.
Module 1:

The Niche Site Framework
Module 2:

How To Find A Niche: Initial Research
Module 3:

How To Find A Niche: Narrowing Down Your List
Module 4:

How To Set Up Your Niche Site
Module 5:

Creating Your Niche Site Structure
Module 6:

Niche Site Keyword Research
Module 7:

Niche Site Content Creation
Module 8:

Niche Site Link Building

How To Outsource Content Creation

Students-Only Facebook Group (10 Weeks)

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