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Michel Sirois – List Revival Mastery Download

Dear struggling marketer,
Have you ever wondered why your subscribers stop being active when you send them emails?

You are not hitting the SPAM box, so it’s not that
You tried everything to your knowledge but your list keeps losing its power
You tried looking for solutions in search engines and were left empty handed
You asked your other marketing friends if they currently have a solution for it and no one can really give you a straight-up answer that solves the problem

I get you!
I was there too not so long ago…
But as a marketing veteran, I couldn’t give up on these lists just like that!
I went through the pain of testing and testing some more, until I got results.
Let me show you where I am at right now after my initial test.
Let’s see…
I sent 1 special email to ALL my unresponsive lists and 2 more emails to the ones who did not open the first one, to MAXIMIZE my test and results.
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