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Good Sex – How to Heal Sexual Shame, Trauma, Guilt, and Self-Disgust
What Makes Sex “Good”?
In one sense, “good sex” is intensely pleasurable and fun. In another sense “good sex” follows a strict set of moral principles. Sadly, we’re often taught that these are mutually exclusive – that moral sex is bland and boring, and that hot sex is inherently sinful. In this course I teach that both definitions can hold true at the same time. Sexual expression can follow a set of uplifting spiritual principles and still be massive fun.
Good Sex explores the pain and suffering that grows out of sexual shame, guilt, repression, and trauma. Imagine living your life completely free of the traumatic imprints of rejection, betrayal, and sexual abuse. Imagine interacting with others with boundless charisma and confidence, free of jealousy, resentment, shame, or grudge energy. Imagine loving yourself exactly as you are right now.
Does excessive shame or block you from connecting intimately with other people? Does the trauma of brutal past breakups echo in your mind with each new relationship? Does your romantic life feel like an endless stream of rejections, betrayals, and broken promises? In romance, do you sometimes feel there’s no point in trying because you’ll just be rejected anyway? Do you drive romantic partners away by being overly obsessive, jealous, or suspicious? Or attract partners who treat you this way? Are you a healer or life coach looking for a powerful set of tools to help people recovering from sexual trauma?
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