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About us:
Buy subscription with us and unlock  FUNNEL BOARD BUNDLE INTRO PACK + ONE BOARD SYSTEM course today.  No more payment for gurus. Join the rest of the tribe. 
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About the course: 

Nail down your offer…
Keep tabs on the progress of your entire team…
Coordinate access to all of your project tools…
Centralize your branding information…
Track all of your funnel components – in the order, they need to be completed…
Run a comprehensive pre-launch check to be SURE your funnel is working correctly…

What exactly is Funnel Boards™?

Funnel Boards is my signature system for funnel builders and agencies who want a STEP BY STEP SOLUTION to track the funnel-building process from start to finish, basically they are project templates available for Trello, Asana, or Google Sheets.

Funnel Boards walks you through the entire process so you know you haven’t missed a critical step that might break your funnel – and keep your customers from buying!

What if I’m not a Trello user?

Funnel Boards™ are available for Asana or Google Sheets. Also, Intro Pack purchase includes all the checklists in a printable PDF format to help you replicate the projects in another system of your choice – some programs like Teamwork will even let you import the Trello boards!

Who is Funnel Boards™ for?

Funnel Boards is the PERFECT solution for you if you’re…
BUILDING FUNNELS and feeling overwhelmed by all the steps in the process.


A FUNNEL AGENCY OWNER trying to expand your business and doing #AllTheThings. You want a “project manager in a box” that tracks all the moving parts of the multiple funnel projects your team is working on.

Is it hard to set up?

Absolutely not. you can install it in your Trello account with ONE CLICK. And you can use it right out of the box or customize it to fit your process.

Importing Boards into Asana takes few extra step but it’s not complicated at all.

Do I have to use ClickFunnels™ in order to use Funnel Boards™?

ClickFunnels™ and I highly recommend that you do as well, the answer is NO. Most of the steps in the Funnel Boards™ are process specific not application specific so it could easily be adopted for another funnel-building system.

Can I modify the boards?

Yes, you can – and you should, so they are exactly what your team needs!

Do I need a paid Trello or Asana accounts to use Funnel Boards™?

The basic Funnel Boards™ templates will work in the free Trello or Asana versions.
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