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Improve and scale your campaign profits in 2020 & beyond!

Here’s What You’ll Get

Inside The BELT Method
Whether you are a full-time marketer, digital agency owner, or solo-preneur running traffic for your own business – the BELT Method will provide you with the digital advertising strategies that you need to take your business to new heights.

The BELT Method Curriculum
There are 10 core learning modules delivered inside of the BELT Method Member’s area. Each module builds upon the last and is delivered over here 7-day increments so that you can absorb and implement the tasks taught in each lesson.
You will also have access to a comprehensive library of bonus trainings, advanced trainings and Q&A sessions to help you execute the strategies.
View the curriculum outline below:

Module 1: Deep Dive Into The BELT Method
Deep-dive into the BELT Method and discover the new customer journey and learn how aligning your message and objectives for your audience at the right time can reduce your acquisition costs by up to 80%! 

Module 2: Tracking & Audience Targeting
Identify the core audiences that have the highest propensity to purchase your product or service and monitor their activity throughout your sales funnel with the Facebook pixel.

Module 3: Ad Content & Copywriting
Deep dive into ad content and ad copy that resonates with your audience. We’ll also show you the simple online tools and resources that we use to source great relevant content.

Module 4: Recorded Video & Facebook LIVE
Learn to create easy video content that provides great engagement at a very low cost. We’ll also show you how to use Facebook LIVE to promote your products, services, and events.

Module 5: The Golden Ads Strategy & Reports
This is the exact step-by-step strategy we use with clients & students that is proven to drive relevance scores up, ad costs down & establish a predictable & scalable ad model!

Module 6: The Invisible List – a.k.a. The HOT28
Build audiences of your hottest prospects automatically and discover how to deliver them the perfect marketing messages at the perfect time!

Module 7: The Dollar A Day Ad Strategy
Learn to test your audiences and content using this little known and inexpensive ad strategy.

Module 8: Conversion Optimization & The Power5
Discover Facebook’s tactics for transforming ad performance and scaling across the Facebook Family of Apps, including everyone’s favorite CBO.

Module 9: Putting The Method Together
We’ll put everything you have learned together and discover how to evaluate which campaigns and assets are performing the best.

Module 10: Campaign Scaling & Next Steps
We’ve covered the method and the strategies, now it’s time to scale. Next we will show you the next steps to take your business to the next level!

BONUS: Curated Genius Network Trainings
9+ expert presentations from previous BELT Method live workshops on copywriting, branding, LinkedIn, Snapchat, analytics, email marketing, and more

BONUS: Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls With Curt Maly
Weekly live Question and Answer calls with Curt and his team to answer your BELT Method questions, analyze your offers & campaigns, and help you to implement.
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