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(DOWNLOAD) Cold Email Wizard – Cold Email Mastery 2.0 (2023)

About us:
Buy subscription with us and unlock Cold Email Wizard – Cold Email Mastery 2.0 today.  No more payment for gurus. Join the rest of the tribe. 
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About the course:
How You Can Get Paid to Send Cold Emails for Other People Without Getting on Any Sales Calls or Needing to do Any Fulfillment
Here’s Everything You Get When You Purchase Today:
Backend Tech to Get Emails Delivered
This step-by-step deliverability walkthrough will show you how to hit the inbox every time, and never ever land in spam or the promotions tab. Following these instructions exactly means an immediate 100-200% lift in campaign performance.

How to setup domain pools & email routing
Backend email code snieppets to increase deliverability
Domain forwarding to aggregate traffic to 1 site
Automatic warm up schedule & guide
Step-by-step exactly what buttons to click

Scrape Emails & Build Lists
We’ll show you how we build lead lists, automate the process, clean emails, and even how we clean unverifiable emails that nobody else in the market has access to, so that you can message people who aren’t getting emailed by other people.

How to scrape leads based off website tech
How to scrape leads based off job titles
How to scrape leads based off company sizes
How to scrape leads based off industry
How to scrape leads based off a competitor’s following
How to scrape ecommerce leads
How to scrape coaches/consultants

Steal Our Email Scripts
We’ve helped over 400 high ticket clients across 50 different industries selling over 100 different offers. Each market has it’s own level of sophistication – and took us months to crack for each client. You’ll be able to skip that process, and learn what scripts & strategies work for each market immediately.

The best cold email openers
Using AI to create personalized messages
How to mass create personalization based off relevant indicators
Approache angles based on market sophistication
The best cold email scripts when you don’t have case studies
The best cold email scripts when you do have case studies
Our bullet-proof 5 sequence, 2 month email follow up
Swipe files of actual cold emails we’ve sent that have worked

Automations, Flows, & Sequences to Get Maximum Response Rates
We’ll reveal to you our sequence setup, automations, triggers, follow ups, subsequences, and full tech setup that’s personally booked us over 5,000 sales calls & 400 high ticket clients

How to route email campaigns across multiple domains & aggregate responses
How to use automation to create subsequences
How to auto adjust warm-up numbers based off sending volume
How to scale campaigns
How to choose winning scripts based off of data
How to set up split testing & KPI’s to use
The best sending times & days for your campaigns
Best email delay setup to ensure maximum deliverability

Say the Write Thing to Book More Calls
Cold email isn’t as easy as “send this script, get calls booked.” You have to know what to respond to your leads! We’ll show you live inbox management & exactly what to say to every single response to maximize how many calls you book, tested across 5,000 sales calls booked for our private clients.

How to create automatic follow up sequences
How to use master inboxes to see all responses from multiple domains in one interface
How to auto adjust warm-up numbers based off sending volume
How to handle “what’s the cost?” objections
How to handle “talk to my partner” objections
How to handle “what’s the catch” objections
How to handle “I’m too busy for a call” objections
How to handle “we have this handled” objections
How to handle “who else have you worked with” objections
How to handle “send more information” objections to get them on the phone
How to handle ghosted leads who reply and then go dark before the call

Access to Our Clients that Want Cold Emailers
We run a recruiting arm of our business where we place commission based cold emailers inside other people’s businesses. These commission based cold emailers can get $400-$700 per close that each client makes, WITHOUT you paying for any tech or data. The client pays all of it.

Get access to pre-vetted opportunities with great earning potential
Directly apply to work with new opportunities every single week
Get cold email clients who pay commissions to you without you have to front the costs of software, making your own website, or trying to prospect for clients yourself

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