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[Download] Cindy Bidar – Funnel Building Checklist (2021)

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About the course: 
Cindy Bidar – Funnel Building Checklist Free Download

Grab my personal funnel-building checklists for rinse and repeat ease.

These are the very same funnels I’ve been building for 6- and 7-figure clients for years.  They’re what adds millions of dollars in revenue to online businesses all over the world, and they’ll help you and your team, too.
With these checklists in your business toolkit, you’ll:

Earn more money thanks to step-by-step monetization guides that leave no profit center untapped.
Save time by completing every new funnel more efficiently.
Provide a better customer experience by maintaining consistency throughout the customer journey.

You’ll get these 20 funnel-creation checklists

Free opt-in creation checklist: Create the perfect opt-in offer every time when you follow this 3-step, 36-point checklist. Includes proven strategies for incentive development, page design, download page elements and more.

Opt-in offer worksheet: Not sure what’s the best offer to feed your funnels? This worksheet will help you discover what your audience really needs and wants, and make it easy for you to create it.

Opt-in funnel checklist: You’ve seen them everywhere–and you more than likely have a few yourself–but free opt-in funnels are often lacking many of the elements that could make them more profitable. Follow this checklist to get more from all your funnel pages.

Welcome email checklist: This is the most opened email you will ever send, so use this 17-point checklist to ensure you make a great first impression (not to mention more money).

Email follow-up sequence checklist: Your funnel doesn’t end when you send the welcome email. Use these 15 follow-up email ideas to nurture your list and increase conversions.

Abandoned cart email sequence checklist: Use this checklist to build out a powerful abandoned cart sequence to save the sale.

Facebook pixel installation checklist: Even if you’re not running paid ads right now, get this piece in place with your funnels. Your Facebook pixel allows you to easily build custom audiences and track your ads results, and you’ll have a head start with this installation checklist.

Google Analytics setup checklist: The more information you have, the better your funnels will perform. Follow this quick checklist to track all your funnel pages and monitor your funnel conversions with this popular, free tool.

SMART tools evaluation checklist: Not sure if that page builder or email service or webinar provider is the right choice for you? Save hours of research time when you run it through this 5-point checklist for instant clarity.

Funnel improvements checklist: It can be hard to know what to change when you’re not getting the results you want. This 42-point checklist walks you through every “if-then” scenario for your funnel, so you can quickly fix what’s not working, and even improve what is.

Funnel money-makers checklist: Leverage your traffic to earn more profits on autopilot when you implement the ideas covered in this 4-part, 30-point checklist.

Complete funnel quality assurance checklist: The last thing you want to do is promote a funnel with broken links or misleading information. Before you share your link, spend a few minutes walking through this comprehensive quality review.

Split-testing checklist: There is always room for improvement on your funnel pages and in your emails, and split testing is the path to get there. Create a plan to grow your profits with these 15 must-test elements.

Content upgrade funnel checklist: Boost your email subscribers by offering the next logical step in their search for information, right when they need it the most.

Giveaway funnel checklist: Build your mailing list fast when you participate in giveaway events. This checklist makes it easy to join in and profit from the next giveaway you’re invited to.

Quiz funnel checklist: Easily build one of today’s hottest list-building incentives with this quiz funnel checklist.

Telesummit funnel checklist: Thinking of hosting a big telesummit event? Don’t start without this checklist to help keep everything organized and flowing smoothly from start to finish.

Video series funnel checklist: Share your insights with your tribe, grow your list, and make more sales with a video series funnel. This checklist walks you through all the necessary elements so nothing is missed.

Webinar funnel checklist: Don’t avoid these profitable list-builders just because of all the moving pieces they require. Use this 6-part checklist to ensure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed so you can better leverage your next event.

List-building opportunities checklist: Grow your list with ease when you maximize your visibility by ticking all these 24 places to share your opt-in offers.

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