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[Download] Bow & Arrow (Core Version) – A Ghostwriter’s Thousand Dollar Tweets Rules (2022)

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About the course: 

Who writes thousand dollar tweets?
I do.

Let me explain:

I’m a ghostwriter.

I get paid thousands of dollars to tweet for my clients.

The method I’m about to show you allows me to consistently hit multi hundred-follower days,

Over 500 likes,

and threads that make one thousand dollars in cash.
What people make in a month,

This method makes in a day.

The amount of impressions people get on a month,

This method gets in a week.

Not only on my account,

But on 10.
I Could Die.
If this method doesn’t bring in BIG $$$,

it’s my head.

Why would someone pay me thousands of dollars to tweet

if I couldn’t bring more money in return?

So I had to find something.

Something that could make money,

Go viral,

And do it fast.

Not only for my clients,

But for anyone who has put in the work to grow their account for months.

Because let’s face it:

Twitter takes work.

And if you put in the work every day,

You deserve to get paid every day.
Quick fact:

If you make $1,000 a month on Twitter,

And spend 3 hours a day on the platform,

You’re getting paid $11 an hour.

Let that sink in.
Now come back.

I’m not gonna let you make $11 an hour.

Your time is valuable.

You have plenty of skills.

And you know these other 3 quick facts:

1. You’ve written more words than most people will write in their lives.

2. You have access to a multi-millionaire network on Twitter.

3. And you know about online biz than 99% of the world.

With what you know,

You simply DO NOT deserve to make $11/hour (sometimes less).

I’ve been there.

(My first month on Twitter I made $5 total.)

And you know what?

It sucks.

It sucks when people with less followers make more money.

It sucks to wonder if you are boring your audience to the point of no return.

Or realizing you made less money this month than you did the last.

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