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[Download] Amy Porterfield – Courses That Convert (2022)

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About the course:

The Complete A-Z Project Implementation Plan for

Confidently Creating Your First Profitable Online Course
I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building 5 blockbuster, high-converting courses (with over 38,000 enrolled students and $6.4 Million Dollars earned), and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.
Courses That Convert isn’t so much a training program as it is an implementation program.
Yes, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step, project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result: A 6 or 7-figure long-term ASSET ready to be deployed and profited from for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.
Courses that convert
is the first program of it’s kind that…

Is built with focused, rapid implementation in mindNo filler. No unnecessary modules, and no extraneous or premature strategies that look sexy on the surface, but do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress.
Teaches you how to teachThe 80/20 of what you need to do to be a confident and powerful presenter that sets you apart from the other experts in your field.
Focuses on the “nitty gritty”Since Courses That Convert is an implementation program, you WILL be getting your hands dirty with tech. Not only do I make it dead simple, but I take nothing for granted, and really go step-by-step to make sure you build your course with confidence.

MODULE 01: Mapping out your first course

Complete, 360 degree overview of the online course creation roadmap that will guide you through every step needed to build your 6 or 7-figure online business asset.
3 *mind reading* validation techniques to discover exactly what your audience wants (and is willing to pay for) so that you never have to waste time and energy creating something that nobody buys.
The MVV (Minimum Viable Validation) Method that can give you the confidence to move forward with your course idea WITHOUT having to survey your list or analyze scores of data. (Perfect if you don’t have a list or a ton of time to invest in research.)
The step-by-step simple *yet powerful* strategy of creating a Course Validation Campaign to get instant course validation feedback from your audience while growing your email list in the process.
How to know when you should start with a small bet (ie. a pilot course) and when you have the clear green light to go “all-in” with your big flagship course.

MODULE 02: Developing Your Course Content

The biggest mistake people make when naming their course, and why you really shouldn’t obsess over it.
The 5-step process to outline your entire course and organize your modules, steps and lessons for the best possible student experience and outcome.
How to identify your “Unique Course Proposition” (aka: Your Hook) to guarantee you stand out from your competition.
How to price your course for maximum conversions (Hint: Cheaper isn’t always better).
How to properly leverage the power of bonuses in a way that makes your offer a no-brainer.

MODULE 03: How to Quickly Become A World-Class Teacher in your niche

The “Art of Teaching Framework” that I learnt from Tony Robbins.
How to develop your signature teaching style that doesn’t deny, but fully embraces your unique quirks and personality (even if you’re the shy type and hate being in front of a camera).
How to know when you should add cheat sheets, checklists and worksheets and when you should hold back.
What you MUST consider when deciding whether to gradually drip your content or make it available all at once (and how this one decision can have a dramatic effect on your refund rate).
How to log, manage and keep track of all your course assets (videos, audio files, PDF’s, transcripts, etc.) so that refining and updating your program down the road is a breeze.
How to choose the PERFECT recording stack (with my personal recommendations for which mic, recording software and video hosting services you should use for max simplicity and the least amount of techaches.)

MODULE 04: Building your membership site

High level overview that explains the ins and outs of your course membership site
How to know when you should make your content available for download (and when this sets you up to be taken advantage of.)
Learn from the best! Membership site best practices, with real-life examples of highly successful member sites.
How to quickly and confidently decide on the best platform and theme for your course (ie. Wishlist Member, Kajabi, Zippy Courses, and more)
How to make it super fast and easy for your students to retrieve lost member logins (without you having to answer each request directly).
Designing your graphics (with a complete, time-saving checklist of EVERY single graphic you’ll need across your course assets)

MODULE 05: Optimizing for student success

The art of beta testing, what it is, and how to do know whether your course NEEDS to be tested before releasing it to a wide audience. (extremely important module if you ever plan to have JV partners promote your course).
How to create the perfect new member email onboarding sequence that boosts engagement, motivates success, and helps you achieve industry-leading retention rates (therefore keeping more cash in your pocket).
The “Private Facebook Group” streamlined strategy to boost engagement and turn first time students into lifelong customers who achieve amazing results in your programs (and rave about their big wins to others).
The art of the “win-win” and how to empower your students to the the PERFECT customer for the next course you roll out.


The entire Tech Library was designed to ensure that you have complete confidence in implementing and applying the most important platforms, tools and technology needed to create your online training course.
Complete step-by-step tutorials on how to record, edit and export your course on Camtasia and Screenflow.
The step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up hosting for your membership site platform.
The no-bs, super simple guide to compressing, converting and hosting your video content in minutes (even if you don’t have a tech guy on speed dial).
Step-by-step tutorials and walkthroughs showing you EXACTLY how to setup, customize and upload course content into your members site. (Step-by-step instruction for Zippy Courses, Kajabi, and Wishlist Member.)
Detailed instruction to set up a shopping cart and order form to seamlessly sell your course. (It’s MUCH easier than you think when you see the exact steps to get it set up!)

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