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[Download] Adam Heist – FBA Blueprint (2022)

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Parris Lampropoulus, a legendary copywriter, was in charge of a Boardroom, Inc. newsletter called Tax Hotline for seven years.
Brian Kurtz from Boardroom couldn’t wait to call me after I got one of my first significant controls—for KCI’s Personal Finance—and beat the famous Jim Rutz (for the first time).
He was curious whether I’d be interested in writing for Boardroom (every aspiring copywriter’s fantasy) and competing for this “unbeatable” control.
To beat it, many excellent copywriters had been employed. Before me, many had failed.
And I’ll admit, Parris’ command was brutal. There’s a reason it went over 7 years without losing.
But there was one flaw in his command…
I was familiar with this method because I had already won a few controls (and received substantial royalties) with it.
So I used this method to create a fresh test promo…
Parris’ 7-year “unbeatable” control was finally over. It continued to be mailed for another two years, until the product was folded.
Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn more about this “stealth” strategy? Then continue reading…
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