(DOWNLOAD) 10 Easy High Paying Gigs On Fiverr (2023)

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About the course:
Section 1: Article Writing Gig

Lecture 1 Article Writing Gig

Section 2: Business or Product Branding

Lecture 2 Business or Product Branding

Section 3: Image Background Removal

Lecture 3 Image Background Removal

Section 4: Product Review Writing

Lecture 4 Product Review Writing

Section 5: Social Media Management

Lecture 5 Social Media Management

Section 6: Transcription Services

Lecture 6 Transcription Services

Section 7: VoiceOver Gig

Lecture 7 VoiceOver Gig

Section 8: Website Content Writing

Lecture 8 Website Content Writing

Section 9: Website Traffic Gig

Lecture 9 Website Traffic Gig

Section 10: Short Video Ads 1

Lecture 10 Short Video Ads Gig 1

Section 11: Short Video Ads 2

Lecture 11 Short Video Ads 2

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