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£1.6 million Facebook Ad Strategy
The exact Facebook Ad Strategy which my agency used to generate £1.6 million in less than 4 months
What you’ll learn:

Complete Facebook Ad Structure
Exact Strategy Step-by- Step used by multi-million dollar Ad Agencies
How to get away with iOS 14 and 15 Bans
How to setup an ad campaign from scratch
Mindset required to make above $9,000 per month with Facebook Ads
Checklist of events pixel needs to catch, importance of pixel and google analytics
Everything about Sales Funnel
How big agencies make and execute their whole sales funnel step-by-step?
Facebook Payment Hacks
Ad Account Ban Hacks
Hacks to improve Ad Performance
How To Make High converting Ad Creatives
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Have a personal profile/account on Facebook.
Simple basics of facebook ads, this course is a hidden gem for you! Even if you don’t know you will learn and discover an ocean of new marketing concepts.

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Let’s see what have we covered in the course?

Your Path to Millions with FB Ads: This chapter is more about you and less about Facebook Ads, in this part of the course we have laid the foundation which will make you battle-ready to face the world of paid digital advertising (be it google, Facebook or anything)

Facebook Structure: In this section of the video we would be brushing over the basics of the whole Facebook Structure right from Business Manager to Ad Accounts with their hierarchy, understanding this will make you ahead of 97.3% of Facebook advertiser because even the so-called Facebook experts at times fail to understand the hierarchy of Facebook, CBO vs ABO secondly we would be covering everything you possible need to know about Pixel, how we use pixel and google analytics to track exact data at our agency, iOS 14 and 15 Bans, then we would be going over how to make a campaign right from the scratch, once you are equipped with basics then we would start by sharing the exact ad account setup that we did for the client so you can copy the same on your account. And lastly we would sharing the checklist of all the events our pixel was tracking, so you can also prepare your pixel accordingly.

£1.6 million Ad Strategy: This the most loved part of the training! In this phase of the course we would be covering what is a sales funnel and everything from basics to advance about it. And what sales funnel did we make for the client, then we would be sharing what exact type of ad campaigns did we run in each part of the funnel separately covering the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. During this we would also be sharing what shortcuts we used to save client money and double the results. Will also be explaining what kind of campaign you should start and how? Apart from exact strategy you would also be getting key insights of how agencies think, plan and execute their Facebook Ads which would be priceless knowledge for the students.

Hacks to Reach 4+ ROAS in 7 Days: One of the most effective result generating part of the training. If you apply these hacks you can get results in less than 7 days. To give a glimpse we have secret tips and hacks that we use at our agency  and we have broken the hacks into chapters: Payment Hacks, Ad Account Ban Hacks, Ad Performance Hack and How To Make High converting Ad Tips.

Mindset to Make above $9,000 per month with ads:  Learning the best strategy is only 80% of the plan, to make money with ads you need the right mindset so this part of the course helps you build the mindset of an ads expert, if you learn this right earning a profit of $9,000  or above would be a cake walk for you. Go through this section of the video properly, you will thank us later.
Private Community Access: Its rightly said your network is your networth, we don’t want to be like other fake gurus and teachers who just make some vague course and are concerned about your success after that. We know how important is it for you to learn ads the right way, get your doubts cleared from the experts, and discuss things with like-minded people so to help you start earning with facebook ads you get membership access to a private community where you share your doubts, success and connect with all members you get the privilege to be a part of community once you enroll for the training!

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, an influencer, a professional or any type of organization that wants to absolutely crush it on Facebook, then this Facebook marketing course is for you!
Everyone who enrolls in this Facebook marketing course will also be able to ask me questions via Udemy, private community, email and Instagram, so you’ll be fully supported.
It’s time for you to unlock the power of Facebook marketing.
See you on the other side!
All the best,

Who this course is for:

Small business owners like Influencers and Bloggers
Public Figures Online marketers and marketing reps
Advertising managers Corporations
ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Marketing!
ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Ads!
ANYONE looking for the most highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategy via Facebook Ads!

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