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Make Money Writing Affiliate Product Reviews! – Learn how to write killer affiliate content which Google loves to rank.
What you’ll learn

This course will teach you step-by-step how to write complete Amazon Affiliate product guides. Watch over my shoulder as i teach you tricks and tips to write 4k – 10k word…


No, just an eagerness to learn a new skill and make some money!

*** This is a LIVE and Raw course. Watch over my shoulder as I write an affiliate product review!
*** In this course you will learn the skills needed to write product reviews for affiliate websites like Amazon and more. You can apply these skills to writing freelance to make money while travelling or topping up your full-time earnings, or build your own affiliate site!
So, you’ve been working on your fabulous new affiliate site and bought every course and viewed every YouTube video available, right?
Which is fantastic. You have taken the first steps to build a real passive income.
However, after having a beautiful website, building links, and outsourcing your content writing to budget writers, you do not seem to be gaining much momentum; sound familiar?
I have been writing content for affiliate sites for many years now, earning a side income while studying and then working full time. Your content is the bare bones of your website. Without it, you mostly have nothing.
A website without content is like a house without a door. No-one will ever find their way in!
Content needs to be informative and to the point. In 2019/2020, Google wants long, educational content, and I will show you how to write it in just a couple of hours.
Write articles that rank for hundreds of keywords and grow your small affiliate site into a money-making monster!
With this course, you will learn how to write product reviews and buying guides in the rawest and most straightforward form. Over the years, I have developed a technique that will allow anyone with basic writing skills to write fantastic product reviews and guides!
You can use the tips in this course in many ways;

Use it to improve the content on your affiliate websites
Use it to learn how to write, then make money writing for other sites!
Use it as a guide to make sure your writers are writing content which will rank!

And more!
I am also including my E-Book with the course showing more examples and practical tips on succeeding as an affiliate content writer.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on here.
Who this course is for:

Amazon Affiliate site owners, Content writers looking to learn a new skill, anyone looking to earn money as a freelancer on popular platforms.

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